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Friday, March 7, 2014

{this moment} In Which I Steal Other People's Moments & Words

{this moment}:  A Friday ritual.  A single photo - that I didn't take - of a moment from my sister's week.  A simple, special, extraordinary moment.  A moment that almost, but not quite, makes me want a dog.

That's my nephew, Daniel, and his dog Izzy.  Can you stand it?

I have not been able to find time to blog much this week.

I know.  There has been much wailing and tearing of garments out there, I'm sure.

In actuality, there was probably time, but instead of writing, I spent a lot of time watching Oscar fashion recaps, filling up on my DVR line-up and griping about the snow because I apparently moved to Vermont without even knowing it.  So not only did I steal a {this moment} this week, I'm going to copy off of some other people's papers today and share some links with you for your weekend reading pleasure.

I did actually give up whining for a bit and attended the Ash Wednesday service at my church. I must say that my pastor totally nailed it when putting the cross on my forehead with ashes.  It wasn't a little smudge.  It was  a giant very well defined cross.  It's like Jesus said, "The cranky one there.  The one who is about to bust out of her skin.  The one who is so annoyed with her children's arguing that she is staring daggers at them rather than singing the hymns.  The one who has a warm house, a pantry full of food and a healthy family, but can't seem to quit scowling every time she walks out the door.  Give her a big one.  A giant sign of My love and sacrifice.  She doesn't deserve it, but give it to her anyway."

The grace and mercy of Jesus is stunning, is it not?

So let's do some reading on Lent.

HERE is a great article with some things we might give up for Lent.

HERE are some things we might want to DO for Lent.

HERE are lots of inspiring thoughts from my friend, Elizabeth, who is writing beautifully and wisely about Lent as usual.

Also, when I wasn't whining this week, my friend, Nancy, and I went to see a beautiful film called Girl Rising about the importance of educating girls in the developing world.  It was difficult and enlightening and hopeful all at one time, plus if you see it, you can play the game "Guess the Narrator" which was what Nancy and I did.  She pulled Liam Neeson and Cate Blanchett.  I came through with Kerry Washington and Meryl Streep.

Check it out HERE

Speaking of education, my boys are set to go to school today which is shocking considering we live in the equivalent of an igloo of late.  This means that I have to go out and get some stuff done that doesn't involve answering the questions, "Can we watch Happy Gilmore again and what is there to eat?".

Happy Weekend, friends.  Stay warm and stay grateful.

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