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Friday, May 9, 2014

It's Almost Mother's Day

Well, I wrote  a post earlier this week and it was heavy and important and people have been very sweet in response saying some nice things about my writing.  But, just to keep it real here at The View from Behind Home Plate and in honor of Mother's Day, I feel the need to ramble on a bit about some of the other soul touching and meaningful insights that I have gleaned from being a mama this week.  Plus there is a bonus gift guide for any of the handful of you men that are visiting and are pretending you are reading about the NFL draft on your phone right now.

1.  I realized yesterday that my boys have no soap or body wash or shampoo in their shower.  This concerns me because I do not know at which point, if ever, this apparent lack of personal hygiene products might be mentioned to me. God forbid we run out of the value size box of TGI Fridays frozen wings around here.  In that case there is much wailing and tearing of garments, but the lack of soap in the shower does not seem to cause a stir among my children.  Meaningful Insight:  Boys remain a mystery that I will never quite understand.

2.  This boy got his driver's permit this week.  As he was studying for his test, he told me that the handbook said that driving while tired can be as dangerous as drunk driving.  This might be a problem for my boy based on this photo I found of him when he was three or four.  I'm pretty glad he doesn't remember when he looked like this because at that time I did a lot of driving with one hand while I fished around the back of my seat frantically searching for a sippy cup that had fallen on the floor.  This type of driving is frowned upon by the DMV as well.  Meaningful insight: Don't blink.  It happens so much faster than you would ever expect.

3. This boy had a check up.  There are not many things that this boy does not turn into a party.  It can be tiresome, but also pretty fun.  Meaningful insight:  Always keep someone around who can make you laugh even when you've been waiting for the doctor for an hour.

4..I will be spending Mother's Day as usual on the baseball field and as a bonus this year in the stands at the basketball court, too.  Right now we are looking at four baseball games and a couple of basketball games all on Sunday.  Meaningful insight:  Brunches are nice, spas are wonderful, but I am still stunned sometimes to realize that there is no where I would rather be on Mother's Day or any other day for that matter than watching them play.

Ok, guys.  Here's a little help for you.  You have two days.  Hustle it up.

Michael Kors Watches
There are some really reasonably priced fun watches right now by Michael Kors.  Rose Gold seems to be all the rage right now, but they have a good selection of gold, rose gold and silver.  GO.

A Summertime/Beach/I'm at the Baseball Park All Day Bag
Easy peasy.  This one is from Gap.  Stick some flip flops in there, a giant bottle of diet Coke, some Twizzlers and a People Magazine - Clooney is on the front this week. .  You're welcome.

Justin Timberlake
Kidnapping him would be unwise because I think he has security and all.  Just get the CD or download it or whatever.  THIS song and THIS song and THIS song.  Happiness.

She doesn't get enough sleep, but she can pretend.  These are cute. Do not be fooled by the false advertising at Victoria's Secret.  Maybe you are lucky enough that your wife can't figure out how to work all the buttons on her pjs like this gal, but likely she will be schlepping peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and signing field trip permission slips while wearing these, so she's gonna need to button up and unhook her thumb from her pants.  Let's not even discuss the hat.

Guys, just clean up the kitchen and make sure the kids make their beds and tell your wife she's pretty even if she's wearing reading glasses and has her hair in a ponytail and might possibly be running around like her hair's on fire.  Be sweet.  That's all.

Happy Mother's Day, Mommies.  I wish you sunshine and hugs and lots of sloppy kisses.  And for all my mommy friends who will be watching from behind home plate, or the bleachers or the sidelines, remember, no matter what happens: Your kid is the very best child in all the world.  Ain't nobody better.


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