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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Operation Fancy Pants

I had started my 2014 Spring Lovin' Post last week even though Spring can't decide whether or not it wants to stick around here.  Then I got an email from my husband and the shopping for spring fashion became singularly focused.

The email said, "I'm invited to this fancy pants event and I need to take a wife with me."

Turns out, I am the only wife he has, so I panicked for a minute.  In general, whenever there is some high-falootin' executive business man shindig, we have so many non-fancy pants things going on at home, that I usually skip.  This time though, a wife was required.  I promptly sent a text to my friend, Nancy that said,

 "Operation Fancy Pants Dress.  GO."

After my initial panic, I got a little excited because I remembered that Y'ALL, I AM A GIRL!  And this was a chance to dress up and sit some where that resembled neither metal bleachers nor a fold-up chair in a bag.  So I went shopping and tried on some really pretty, girly, fancy pants dresses.  And I thought I would share with you readers just in case you have some where to go where you will eat something that doesn't come with a plastic container of ketchup and drink something that doesn't come with a paper covered straw.

Depending on the degree of fancy pantsness of your event, here are some ideas for you.

For the Fancy Pants Event with a capital F, THIS is beautiful from Nordstrom. (My event was lower case f.)

Our dinner was inside, but there was an event being held outside the same night.  I think THIS by Eliza J. is adorable if you need to be a little more casual and take your fancy-pantness outside.

I saw this Eliza J Illusion Dot Print Charmeuse dress online and loved it.  The problem was that I didn't see this one at the store and Operation Fancy Pants was on a deadline.  If you are not on limited time you could order this one.  Adorable.

This MAGGY LONDON DRESS was on sale at Nordstrom in the store. For some reason it doesn't seem to be on sale online. I thought it a bit casual for the event where I was going, but I think it's perfect for less conservative fancy pantsness.

I picked THIS ONE. It, again, is Eliza J. and the superhero seamstress at Nordstrom was able to alter it in record time for me because I felt like there was too much flare in the "Fit and Flare" of this dress.  It turned out perfect.  It comes in black, but I bought the navy because the sales lady was fawning all over me and talking about how beautiful it was with my blond hair and she had an accent that could have been fake, but either way I fell for it hook, line and sinker.  Those Nordstrom ladies are GOOD.

But they aren't that good.  The gal suggested that I get THESE SHOES.  And I did because I felt like Miss America because they are really high and if Kelly Ripa can wear 4 inch heels then so can I.  Except Kelly Ripa has to walk about six steps to her chair and she holds on to Michael Strahan the whole time.  And Michael Strahan could pick her up with his pinky if she stumbled, so I took these back because walking into a fancy pants dinner and promptly falling on your tush would be bad.  And then my husband really would have to find another wife to take next time.

Anyway, it was a lovely evening and I feel I should let you know that the event was for the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund and that this week is "Police Week".  That, my friends, is something to celebrate because those guys are the real deal.  Not only do they put their own lives on the line for us, their families make huge sacrifices as well.  If you want to know about the memorial they're building go HERE and then please smile at all the police officers you run into this week.  

But try not to run into very many.

I'll be back next week with some less fancy panstish stuff for Spring.  It's only fitting because as I write this I am sitting on a huge stack of gym mats in an elementary school in my $15 Old Navy shorts and my $8.50 Old Navy Perfect Tee while I watch sweaty 13 year old boys throw basketballs around. 

I'm very much like Clark Kent/Superman.  It's uncanny, really.

Happy Shopping, Friends!

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