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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: A Couple or Few or Maybe More Things


There is one day left in October and you know what that means?  It means I need to get a pumpkin and also that the World Series is over.  Which for almost everyone on the planet means we can wrap up another baseball season.

Unless you're me.  Because then baseball season lasts no less than

We've got one player down and two to go.  Right now I am sitting in a Starbucks down the street from the field where the big man is warming up with his team for what will be his last game of the season.  My middle man has two more tournaments which takes the end of our season well into November.  So I'll be checking out the view from behind home plate while wearing boots, gloves, a hat and a giant coat. It occurs to me that despite the name of this blog, I haven't posted a photo of any of my ballplayers actually playing ball in quite awhile.  So here are a couple of photos of little man. And just to mix it up, I won't be posting a boring photo of him fielding or hitting.  If you're an astute baseball fan, you'll realize that these would be photos of my boy's pre-batting ritual which involves spitting.  Thanks to my friend, Sandra, we have a pre-spit and a post-spit shot.  I'm so proud.

Speaking of the end of October that means Halloween.  While I don't have a pumpkin, I did go to the Pediatric Cancer Clinic last week to do crafts with the kiddos with my Kyle's Kamp buddy, Randi.  We made Frankensteins and Mummies and Bats and little Skeletons.  It was a blast and I loved all my new, talented little friends.   I do need to give a shout out to Randi who took one for the team and went to Wal-Mart to get all the supplies.  Going to Wal-Mart in my mind is no short of heroic.  I was to bake purchase cookies.  But the generous and brave Randi saw some pumpkin cookies at Wal-Mart.  Which made me think that greater love has no man than this:  that a man lay down his life for a friend or save her a trip into a WalMart.

Speaking of friends, Nancy and I took our little boys to the local pumpkin patch/hay ride/farm on Tuesday since we didn't have any idea what else we would do when there were no sports practices.  We keep imagining that our boys will outgrow this little outing, but they were all about it.  While the boys ran around, we ate pounds of kettle corn and drank diet Coke.  It is interesting to me that one can continue to shove her face with kettle corn without any care for the fact that she is eating while sitting downwind from a pig pen.  Y'all, it's impossible to stop eating that stuff.  And I lose all control of etiquette and manners.  This is why I think that greater love has no man than this:  a friend who can continue a conversation with you while you are talking with your mouth full and spraying salty/sweet snacks in her face.

Speaking of pigs,  I would rather wallow in the mud with a giant sow and her piglets than have to study for AP World History.  And I LIKE history, but y'all this stuff:  BORING.  Still the man in this house who calls me Betty Bible Thumper made the point that it's not the subject matter.   It's the lessons in hard work, time management and study skills that this class will give our son.  Can we all just take a moment to have some sympathy for my son who just wanted to take a study break, grab a snack and watch a few minutes of the World Series without having to listen to Betty and Peter Perseverance give advice?  Really, having us as parents might be more taxing on the kid than the actual course load.

Speaking of parenting, I was really worried that I was going to be out of my league when Drew's fish died.  He did.  I'm sorry to just blurt it out to those of you who have been wondering if Blue Ridge made a miraculous recovery from his fungus/creepy pop-eyed/laziness disease.  He hung in for quite awhile, but he's gone.  It was not as devastating as I thought it would be for Drew.  Like, it was no big deal at all.  Here's his final farewell which took place in the boys' bathroom.  It was a lovely ceremony.  (Business Casual attire as you can see)

Speaking of fish, we had salmon the other night when my mom was here and for the first time ever in my entire life I ate brussel* sprouts.  My mom cooked them in the oven with just olive oil and kosher salt.  I loved them so much.  So if anybody out there is still reading this post and has a brussel* sprouts recipe, please share, ok?

I think I need to end right there with the revelation that I ate brussel*sprouts last week.  I'm not sure there is a better way to close this post. 

So.  Um.  That's all.  If you are a publisher and would like to offer me a book deal, go right ahead.  I'm not the boss of you, but I'm pretty sure I just knocked it out of the literary park.

You're welcome and good night.

*My nerdy friend, Christine, pointed out that it is actually Brussels Sprouts.  Thank you, nerdy friend.  I'm pretty sure that now that I have updated this post, that book deal is forthcoming.

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