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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Giving Thanks in All Circumstances


For those of us involved in childhood cancer charity work, our requests are many.  We have so very many prayers, so many needs, so many pleas.  We pray for steady hands and wisdom for surgeons and doctors.  We hope for innovation and breakthroughs in medical science.  We beg that scans be clear.  We lift up names of little ones in hopes they will tolerate treatments with less side effects.  We plead comfort and peace in decision making for parents.  We ask for more time and less pain.  In the midst of all this, we pray the biggest prayer of all:  Please God, bring the miracle.  Please, bring the cure.

And as I pray these big prayers, He points me to seek out His people.  We, at Kyle's Kamp, ask a lot of these people.  We reach out to friends and family members, to neighbors and business leaders.  We can be persistent, relentless and perhaps a little annoying. We send letters, texts and emails.  We post on Facebook and Twitter.  We hold lunch strategy sessions and committee meetings.

We need help.  We need volunteers.  We need money.  We need the people.


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