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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Some Things: Neither Relevant Nor Interesting

Well, I am sitting here waiting yet again for the time when I can drive out to Purcellville, Virginia to watch what hopefully will be the championship game of the AllStar season that seems to never end.  Since it rained cats, dogs and other small animals last night, it was cancelled.  So I woke up this morning and did all kinds of housework and flower planting and furniture moving to keep my mind off of the game.

Now, I'm exhausted so I just sat down here to look at the packing list for the little man's camp that may or may not occur depending on this game and I got frustrated with the indecision in my life. So to keep my mind off of decisions that I can't make anyway, I will write down some rambling thoughts.  Aren't you so glad you clicked over here today?

Here are some things I've been thinking about that you might want to know about or maybe you don't care at all.

1. My Favorite Shotgun Rider
The youngest boys are at basketball camp all day this week, so it gives me some time with this guy.  I spend a lot of time riding shotgun while he drives, too, lately.  I will repeat a line I stole from Jen Hatmaker:  Teenagers are my jam.  Especially a teenager who doesn't think he's too cool for school and will ask the Steak and Shake people for the kiddie pack just so he can wear the totally awesome hat all the way home and make his mom laugh until diet Coke comes out of her nose.  I love this kid something fierce.

2.  Infinitely Polar Bear
I saw this movie last week  I adore Mark Ruffalo and he is so darn good in this movie as a bi-polar dad taking care of his two daughters in the 70s.  His performance is only eclipsed by those of the two actresses who play his little girls.  You should see it. Just so you know, there's lots of language in it, but you should still see it.  And Zoe Saldana is so stunningly beautiful and stylish that I am *this* close to buying a 70s style denim wrap skirt.

3.  Jen and Ben's breakup
I can't quite handle it.  It's ridiculous and slightly disturbing that this has affected me so, but it's true. Actually, if you consider the fact that the storyline about Troy and Gabriella going off to different colleges in High School Musical 3 pretty much sent me over the edge, I suppose you wouldn't be surprised by my angst.  Sister and I discussed Jen and Ben at length while I drove to Lake Anna last weekend.  We offered up various theories on what could have been the problem and ultimately decided that we couldn't possibly have the slightest idea because here's the thing:  we actually don't know them at all.  It's weird  because we had to keep reminding each other of that.  Of course, that didn't keep us from continuing to discuss it for a good half hour.  Y'all.  Remember when they watched the Red Sox with us in 2004?  I might need therapy.  I can't deal.

3.  Speaking of Break-Ups
After much pleading and cajoling and begging, we started to move the two youngest boys out of the same room and into separate rooms today.  When faced with this request for the past few years, I've continued to fight hard to keep a guest room, consistently reminding my children that there are families of twelve that live in apartments and that sometimes at least six children share a bedroom somewhere in the world.  I have no actual concrete evidence of this, but I still know it to be true.  I spent many years telling my kids to get over themselves and deal.  At the beginning I really thought the they would love sharing a room and that it would be a big ball of fun, exactly like this:

 But do you know what, I've decided?  It is just not the Lord's will that my two youngest share space any longer.  It was fine for awhile but pretty soon, I'm thinking it's going to be more like this:

4. Clean On Me Body Wash by Soap and Glory
Have we discussed this stuff?  You don't remember?  You don't care?  I love this body wash.  They used to sell it at Target and now I can't find it anywhere but online.  It's the best smelling stuff in the world.  You can order some HERE and you will smell like the best stuff in the world and you will be happier when you shower.  That's all.

5.  Um.  I thought I posted this real quickly before I left for the game.  But I was a little out of it and instead I deleted the other few uninteresting things that I had written about and then ran out to the car to go to the game that I never thought would actually arrive.  So I'm updating this post and posting it the day after it began.

And oh.  This happened.

The nervous breakdown divided into six Little League innings?  It ended.  A happy ending.  So very, very happy. :-)


Anonymous said...

I've been checking back to see the results, so HAPPY!!

Jenn said...

Why, thanks so much, Anonymous!!! ;-)

Randi Gladstone said...

Thank you my friend...I needed your brilliant rambling about nothing tonight. Made me smile!!!! xoxo