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Friday, July 3, 2015

{this moment}: It's Not About the Shorts

{these moments}:  A Friday ritual.  A few photos - and some words - of moments from the week.  Simple, special, extraordinary moments.  Moments I want to pause, savor and remember.

Really.  It's not about the shorts.

It's about a team of little fighters who don't get discouraged and never give up.  It's about coaches who believe in their boys and remain calm and steady.  It's about mommies and daddies breathing deep and never wavering.  Even when the game goes back and forth. Even when it's tied up for what seems like hours.  Even when it goes into extra innings and lasts way into the night.

And, quite selfishly, for me?  It's about a freckle faced catcher with a fire in him that burns as bright as his hair.  It's about a little boy with an enormous heart who loves his teammates and loves this game.  It's about catching the eye of  my ridiculously calm husband who sighs deeply, grins wide and shakes his head in wonder as he carries that old bucket of balls out of the dugout yet again after the game finally ends.

It's about a mom whose been there, done that through strike outs and hits and tags missed and double plays made.   It's about the fact that she will never ever tire of watching them play.

My heart is bursting, little man.  I love you and your coach and your teammates so.  I'll be there at the Championship.  I'll watch you intently.  I promise not to yell out, "Nice block, Sweet Pea!" ever again.  I'm not sure you heard that.  I didn't mean to say it out loud because dude, that is so embarrassing.  My apologies.

Play hard for yourself and for your team on Monday, my littlest love.  Win or lose, I'm enormously proud of you and your buddies.

Photo Credit for the amazing action shots to Mr. Chris Ward, who I do not know personally but to whom I am ever so grateful!

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