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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Happy 17th, Joe!


Well, you're seventeen and theoretically that means I only have 365 days to give you advice on some things before you are a full fledged adult.

(PS Theoretically is another way of saying, "PFFT.  As if.")

As I was searching for a photo or two to add to this birthday blog post today, I realized that your buddies had posted quite a few on Twitter wishing you a happy birthday.  These photos have given me some material and some insight into some key points that I might have missed when doling out my parental wisdom to you.

Have I forgotten to tell you?

* It's not nice to kick people in the face, son.

*It's important to be respectful of and careful with your money.

*It's not a good idea to play with fire.

Fortunately, it does seem that you have listened to a few things I've said.

*Win or lose, it's important to be a good sport.

*Leave no man behind.  (especially if he's your little brother)

*And if you ever get the chance to sit in your seat in the stands or dance to The Sugar Hill Gang's JUMP ON IT. be absolutely sure that you dance.(and that you embarrass the fire out of your brothers while you're at it.)

*Lastly, please-oh-please, if you could, son, please slow down the time because I have so many more things to say to you.  

And as your dad pointed out the other night at dinner (while the rest of you people nodded vigorously), I use a lot of words- just so many words - to get to my point.  I'm fairly certain that 365 days will not be enough time for all my words.

There is one thing of which I am certain though.  And that is that you have lots more lessons to teach me.  You have taught me more than any other person on the planet in your seventeen years.  And I need you to keep being you, Joe - just exactly as you are - teaching me how to find joy, how to "just chill, Mom" and how to love well.   You are the very best at loving well.

I know the world will need you some day, bud, but for now I am so grateful that you are mine.

Happy 17th Birthday, Joe.  I love you so.



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Sandy said...

Beautiful! Happy birthday Joe.