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Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend Woes and Joy on a Monday Morning

Well, last week it was raining.  A lot.  And then the weekend came and it rained. A LOT.  I don't know if you're like me, but my mood and the weather are closely aligned.  So pretty much since last Tuesday, I've looked like this;

 When it rains I want to stay inside in my pjs.  I don't want to go anywhere at all.  I then start to freak out about all the things I need to do which I won't get done.  By Friday afternoon, my head was spinning with things like ohmygosh it's October, which means Joe is going to be 17 this week, which means college is coming, which means SATs, and also, I'm not finished with the volunteer schedule for the Gavin Rupp charity golf tournament on Monday and Joe's car needs an oil change, and my car needs an oil change, and how are we going to deal with basketball and baseball schedules this week and then next weekend we'll be in three different states and I need one more parent and I cannot possibly make one more dinner this week and GOOD SWEET LORD, what is happening to my face and why are there so many products for my face and which one should I buy and why won't it stop raining??????????  And the most overwhelming of all was the fact that even if I got the volunteer schedule set up for the Gavin Rupp Open, I was terrified that all the blasted rain was going to cancel it, So, basically, I looked like this

On Saturday, everything was canceled because of the rain, which was, theoretically awesome because it was COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME DAY and the Horns were playing at noon.  For some reason, I lived in an alternate universe Saturday morning where I imagined that maybe it would also UPSET DAY for my team.  But apparently, those young 'uns wearing burnt orange were not aware that it was game day.  They might not have even been aware of what sport that were supposed to be playing.

So I watched them lose to TCU by a score of 50-7 which actually was more respectable than I thought it would be based on the first quarter.   At the point when our guy snapped the ball a mile over our punter's head, Husband said he was afraid we would lose by 80. If you added that to my worry that rain would cancel our golf tournament, I looked pretty much like this

That enjoyable performance by the Horns brought the record to 1 and 4.  Which according to this lovely graphic provided by the good people at ESPN is the worst start since Elvis was on my mom's record player.

Oh, thank you so much you dear, eager beaver intern at ESPN.  I hope you know that your stellar research skills had me *this* close to looking like this just before I walked out the door for church Sunday morning.

But then I sat at church. And I listened to my pastor talk about how as Christians in the midst of a broken world, we are to choose our response.

(I'm not sure the broken world he was referring to was my angst over the Texas Longhorns or the wrinkles on my face, but stay with me)

We can shout at the wind (or rain, as the case may be) and rail at the world or we can go out and follow His call.  We can have faith in what He asks us to do and believe that He will equip us so that when we are obedient, blessings will happen all around us.

Well, alrighty then, Pastor.  Alrighty then.

I woke up this morning to get ready for our tournament and saw this on my phone.

After a full week of grey, rainy skies, today will be sunny.  Bright and clear and sunny the entire day as we head out to honor the memory of Gavin Rupp and raise money for pediatric cancer patients.  And I am going to crank up THIS SONG and remember this verse today:

Weeping might endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.
-Psalm 30:5 

You're still shining bright for us, Gavin.  Thanks, kid.

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