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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It's Stitch Fix Day!

My Stitch Fix box came and it was a good one! 

Unfortunately, my photographer was at a friend's house playing Xbox so I had to take selfies and let me just say this.

The taking of selfies is not one of my spiritual gifts.   In fact, I feel like a full-on grade A idiot taking selfies.  And because of that I turned into a full-on grade A crazy person because I couldn't stop talking to myself.  I mean if you are so interested in taking pictures of your own self, why not just go straight up narcissist and talk to yourself some?  Hey, Jenn, why can't you pull off a proper selfie?  Are your arms too short?  Should you aim it at the mirror or at yourself?  Hey Jenn, stop with that smile.  Is that how you smile all the time?  Hey Jenn, do you even really have an upper lip?  Is one of your eyes bigger than the other one?  Stop sticking your hip out like that.  Who do you think you are, a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?  You're weird.  Why are selfies a thing?  Hey Jenn, maybe selfies actually are not a thing after the age of 20.

I thought about just taking photos of the clothes on hangars, but I really think you have to see them on to get a better idea, so if you want to read on you're just going to have to tolerate it because trust me, I was getting on my own nerves so I will surely get on yours.  By the time I had tried on the last item, I had pretty much thrown in the towel and ended up doing things like this.

Kim Kardashian would be so disappointed in my lack of selfie endurance.  And, this face is really an indication of how I felt about myself and not this cute scarf that Stitch Fix sent, so let's try again.


I love scarves because they are just about the easiest way to make a $12.00 Old Navy t-shirt into a fun outfit.  Also, if perhaps you discover that the stain from that chips and salsa accident you had the last time you wore your t-shirt didn't quite come out in the wash, no one will be the wiser.  I kept this one.


When I first pulled this out of the box, I thought it was a no, but after I tried it on, I decided to keep it for a few different reasons.  The fabric is super soft and the fit was pretty good.  Also, I think this top is really versatile.  Despite my killer photography skills, I'm not sure you can see that the lace sleeves mean it could be perfect for a holiday party with sparkly jewelry, a fun skirt and heels.  Or, it could be dressed down and worn with jeans and boots.   


This next item was a little bit odd, but perhaps not as odd as that face I'm making and the fact that it looks like I'm actually standing in my shower.  (My art appears to be very edgy.) You can't tell from the photo but this cardigan was navy and on the positive side it was so soft, I could have jumped in my bed and slept in it.  But the asymmetrical business threw me for a loop.  When I zipped it up it was all bunched up on the bottom, but when it was unzipped it was all wonky . . . or perhaps the word would be . . . asymmetrical.  Whatever.  I just made this face at it and then sent it back, but if they make a comforter out of this material, I'm in.


I couldn't deal with another selfie, so I took this photo of the card Stitch Fix sent with outfit ideas.  

This is another great feature about Stitch Fix that I'm not sure I have mentioned.  They send you two different outfit ideas for each item.  They are always really cute.  A friend even told me that she liked one of the items shown on her card and sent an email to her stylist about it and the stylist sent her that item in her next shipment.  

Anyway, I kept this top.  It's olive green which is apparently THE color of the season, but I have to say that I might have made a mistake here.  The top is great and fits well and all, but I think maybe olive is a color best worn by redheads.  This is not my color.  I've put it on a number of times and have not felt happy with the way my skin looks with it.  This is where the 3 day period for making a decision can come back to bite me as I jumped on this too quickly.  I should have sent this one back, but it still is a great top.  


This is where I couldn't take it for one more second and realized that my selfie obsession had made me late for a party where I could actually talk to real people instead of myself.  As you can tell, I was finding the person in the mirror quite exasperating.  Also, I sure as heck wasn't going to take a selfie of my entire lower half.  (Cue Kim Kardashian shaking her head in shame.)  These were black jeans.  They were fine, but I didn't even try them on  because I already have a pair very similar.

A GIANT thank you to readers Holly, Linda. Soo and Kerry who used my referral code so that I could have a credit!

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Have a great Wednesday!

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