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Friday, January 22, 2016

5 Things on a Friday: Snow Panic Edition

Blizzard of 2010 (aka the last time I almost left my family to live in a condo in Florida)
This is going be quick because we here in the Washington DC area are forbidden from talking about anything except the SNOW. THE SNOWMEGGEDON. THE SNOWPOCALYPSE, THE BLIZASTER. I saw a post from a friend yesterday who decided to call it SNOWTORIOUS B.I.G. (Tim, for the win)

We can't stop posting about it or predicting it or asking each other if we are ready. Now, listen. I can freak out about the fact that we are going to have potentially 30 inches of snow this weekend all by my psycho, dear-God-I-miss-you-Texas self. I don't need to have maps and charts and photos of empty grocery store shelves shoved in my face for five days leading up to it. I certainly don't need to be asked by my eleven year old 432 times a day if I think school will be canceled, how many days I think it will be canceled and if I think that playing Xbox for 72 hours straight is a good idea.

Still, today, because I try to imagine myself a rebel, I will start 5 Things on a Friday without mentioning the Blizzard of 2016, but I will surely venture back into that realm as I am actually a rule-following goody two shoes. Let's be quick because the local weatherman just told me that we MUST BE DONE WITH ALL ERRANDS AND ALL PREPARATION FOR THE STORM BY NOON. MUST. THEN YOU MUST STAY HOME AND BREATHE INTO A PAPER BAG UNTIL AT LEAST MONDAY.

1, 2, 3, GO:

1. This Song (that has nothing whatsoever to do with snow)
Oh my word. Have you ever in your life heard anything so sweet? Well done, Mr. Urban. You just made my heart melt into a puddle. And actually, being that I am so claustrophobic that the idea of having snow piled up in front of my door makes me feel the need to fold myself into a child pose, there might be some breakdowns happening here this weekend. Y'all keep my poor husband in your prayers.

2. Snow Day Movies
I will likely be wearing pjs and one of Joe's sweatshirts all day long, except when as the lovely and talented Mrs. C. and I joked earlier in the week, I'll channel Leo DiCaprio in the Revenant every time I step outside to walk Mack. But, the hopeful and delusional Nancy, pointed out that we should imagine that we are Cameron Diaz in The Holiday during the storm. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I think I might need to watch it one or four times this weekend. If I watch it enough I'm sure I'll look just like her.  I also checked out the OnDemand list last night and I think we might punch up Woodlawn, The Intern, and maybe, Burnt.  Also, I'm sure I'll dream of 100 degree days in Waco, Texas by watching several episodes of Fixer Upper.

3. Snow Day Food 1: Frito Pie
We definitely have the food required for this storm. We will be bringing the Texas up in here today by having Frito Pie which is the best thing you'll ever eat. If you don't know what Frito Pie is we will need to have a moment of silence for you, first. Secondly, I'll provide the very difficult recipe.

Sour Cream (optional)
jalapenos (optional)
onions (just don't)

Slice open the bag of fritos. Pour the chili on top. Add the other stuff.

4. Snow Day Food 2:  Popcorn "Snow Balls"
Well, I am stealing this straight from my friend, Elizabeth's beautiful blog. I am not going to provide the recipe because I want you to go to the link and see her precious children and her gorgeous photos and read the story of the first time she made them with her oldest. You will also find lots of great story book ideas to read with your littles if you still have them. This is what a snow day should be.

5. Snow Day Perspective
Listen. First of all, I'm going to shoot you straight. I am speaking to myself here. Having all of your people in the house all at one time for an indefinite amount of time is hard. It can become stressful and just a little more than a mama can take. Today, I hope you and I will try to have some perspective. Two years ago our schools were out for over a week. I had just begun my volunteering at Kyle's Kamp for pediatric cancer awareness and research. Even though I had just become friends with a number of parents whose children had died or were dying, I still got all bent out of shape about the school closing. Then I went to a meeting where many of those parents were all in the same place. I wrote this article that night. It might give you a little sense of the blessing it is to have all of your people in your house today. But it still will become too much at some point. I know that. So, this is the plan. When they are all on your last nerve, go to the closet. Scream into a pillow if you want. And then hit your knees right then and there and whisper these names:

Anna, Sandy, Roya, Ellyn, Lindsay.

The list of mamas who would do anything in the world to have their children bugging the fire out of them today is much longer than this. Add to it if you wish. But whisper their names. Shout them if you have to. Lift them up to God. Then go back and be sure you do not get used to the beauty that it is to have healthy, mouthy, hyper, annoying and perfect children messing up your tidy house.

Be safe this weekend, friends. You are blessed. 

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