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Friday, March 4, 2016

5 Things on a Friday: Not Super Things. Just Things.

Hi, y'all. It's Friday!

I was going to say that I'm super excited that it's the weekend, but after this week I've decided that putting "super" before words is starting to mean the complete opposite of super. For example, there was an article about a Super Lice outbreak in 25 states including Virginia.

To my Texas friends, don't get snooty because you're on that map, too.

Then there was also the news about a Super Bug sweeping hospitals across the nation.

I'd also venture to say that Super Tuesday turned out to be a Super Fail, IN MY OPINION. (See that there. All caps. Bolded)

Think whatever you want. Rock that vote for whomever you choose. It's just that maybe first we could sober up. Maybe splash some cold water on our faces? Dunk our heads in a bucket of ice water, perhaps? And then, decide. And also, if all of the candidates could try to be a bit less unbearably unlikeable, that'd be great, too. JUST MY OPINION. No big deal. It's a free country, thank you, sweet Jesus. We can make any ol' choice we want. You know how I know that? Because in 'Merica I saw these on the shelf in my grocery store this week.

Do what you want, y'all. It's your inalienable right to go on and eat chips that taste like biscuits and gravy. God bless us, every one.

OK, let's move on to just some favorite things from this week. Not Super Favorites. Just regular ol' favorites.
1. This Poster 
Y'all. February? It was a pain in the butt. I didn''t like it one bit. It was cold and grey and windy and the routine was all jacked up with the 437 snow days. I will go as far as saying that I'm pretty sure that the FDA will soon declare that February is fattening and bad for your skin. Now, it's March. So, you think things are looking up. And then you wake up on March 4th to find snow on the ground. Still, you're determined to be a better version of yourself than you've been, so:

I've read both of Mindy Kaling's books and they were both delightful. I happened to see this quote on a poster in a the background of a photo on Facebook and it made me smile. This brings me to #2 on my list this week.

2. Lindsay Rhoades - Warrior Mama

The best part of my week was getting a chance to talk with Lindsay Rhoades and her husband last weekend at Kyle's Kamp's Casino Night. You might think that strange because Lindsay and her husband are experiencing the most profound grief and the most heartbreaking journey of moments that anyone in the the world could ever have to bear. As a mom, being in the presence of Lindsay is important and horrible and inspirational and stomach-churning and absolutely, positively wonderful all at one time. Lindsay and her husband lost their 4 year old girl, Kate, to leukemia less than two months ago. Lindsay would rather not be called a "Warrior Mama". She'd rather just be Lindsay. And yet, she really has no choice but to be a warrior. Her battle is to wake up every day and put one foot in front of the other and to breathe in and out. I'm so grateful that Lindsay has found the strength to go one step further by sharing her heart on Prayers for Kate's facebook page. Her words are truly some of the most breathtakingly beautiful I have ever read in my life. In the hours after she lost her sweet baby, she wrote a letter to her. Now her reading of that letter is being shared around the world by the likes of Ashton Kutcher and Good Morning America and Women's Day. Lindsay does not want to be a Warrior Mom or a celebrity or a walking example of courage. She'd rather have her baby. She only has photos now of sweet Kate - forever four years old. I don't know if Lindsay's gift of writing was always there or if it just is an example of beauty springing from ashes, but I know that I have been blessed and changed by her words. Take the time to watch THE VIDEO OF LINDSAY'S LETTER TO KATE HERE. And please, precious Lindsay Rhoades, keep writing.

3.  Fuller House

I have been so excited for Drew to get home from school each day this week because we've watched this on Netflix every day while we eat a snack. I'm a little bit obsessed with Candace Cameron Bure's hair. And yesterday I found myself doing a google search about a necklace she was wearing. And I may or may not now follow her on Instagram. Whatever.

Look. I've made it clear that I'm not my best self right now. Also, I would like to note here that my sister once really offended me when we were talking about tv shows and she told me she didn't think I could handle watching Breaking Bad. Well, yesterday DJ took her kids to a wrestling match and ended up jumping into the ring and taking some people down. It was pretty vicious. Handle that, Sister.

4. Thai Garden Wonton Broth Bowl  

I have no recipes to share this week. (You're welcome.)

Instead I will offer you this:  The lovely and talented Mrs. C. and I met for lunch at Panera a week or so ago and I ordered the new broth bowl and it was awesome. If you're wondering, Jennifer Garner and Michael Strahan must have gotten lost because they didn't show up.

5. The Return of Baseball Season

Yes. It snowed today. But, baseball season is officially here - at least in the high school. My two oldest have started practicing already and our first scrimmage will be Monday. As one is on the JV team and one is on the Varsity, the Husband and I will have to split up for each game. JV is away when Varsity is home and vice versa. It had me reminiscing about the ONE season out of 768 seasons when the two of them played on the same team.  So, I went and found this photo of them. It seemed there was a little brotherly advice happening on the mound five years ago here. Oh, how I love to watch them play. Be still my heart.

Have a blessed weekend, Friends!!

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