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Friday, April 29, 2016

5 Things on a Friday: Eureka! Edition

Well, I think I'm back to writing again so it's time for 5 Things on a Friday.

You want to know what was absolutely the best thing that happened this week? The thing that made me laugh and give thanks to the heavens and actually do a little happy dance right in my empty garage? It was the simplest thing. I found the photo. Well, Steve found the photo. He hadn't even read my post, but I had mentioned for weeks that I was looking for it. As we were in the final hours of trying to get every last thing out of our house and into the new house, he flipped the photo across the room at me and said, "Hey, I think I found that picture you were talking about."  I grabbed that thing as if it were a hundred dollar bill floating through the air.

So here's 5 Things on a Friday. Starting with the best thing.

1. Here's the world, little family. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don't be afraid.

2. Through It All by Colton Dixon

So after I stuffed the photo in my purse, I walked outside to see the sweet Korean grandad who has lived with his family across the street from us for 16 years. We have never spoken - at least with words as we don't speak the same language. But he has been there every morning, sitting on his porch, smiling his big smile, waving his gracious wave when I've hustled to the bus stop or started a morning run or walked a puppy dog or slung baseball gear into my car. He stood in the street with his arms outstretched as if to say, "Well, there you go!" He smiled and waved and through hand gestures and a few simple words I was able to communicate that we weren't going far. "Thank you so much", I choked. "Thank you so, so much." He nodded and smiled and waved as he has a thousand times. And I got in my car and burst into a river of tears. The first I have shed about this move. Then, as God tends to do, He sent me this song on the radio as I drove to the new house heaving with sobs. He's a good, good God, is He not?

3. Prince George

Speaking of family photos, I cannot even get over this kid. This made my heart just about come out of my chest, Can you even stand it? Good heavens, those cheeks.

I am more than a little bit obsessed with being sure my house doesn't smell like basketball shoes, baseball cleats, any other manner of footwear and/or a dog. I've been burning two to three candles a day up in here. Listen, I know life is full of tragedy, but I'd make a case that when you get a candle that smells good when you open it in the store, but doesn't smell like anything once it's burning we should put that up on the list of Things That Aren't Fair. This candle was given to me by some of my best girls for my birthday and it can make the whole house smell like happiness. I'm thinking about getting about ten of them.

Lastly, I have to hustle because there are only 567,854 things that I have to do today on our second day in the new house including buying some food for the people who will live here. I sent Drew to school today with half of a sandwich and a cookie. He's the picture of health. Anyway, I am going to be sure to add more than one bag of chips and a few jars of salsa to my grocery cart to get me through the unpacking. I can't remember where I saw this but it made me laugh because I think this is a mystery.

Have a great weekend, Friends!

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