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Monday, June 6, 2016

It's Somebody's Birthday Daybook: June 6, 2016

Outside my window:
The sun is bright and bold. It's so very welcome. I will never complain about the heat this summer. Never.
I am thinking:
that I wonder if this blog will ever move away from mourning and grief. Two years ago I wrote about how all of the children I meet through volunteering with a pediatric cancer organization affect me, but then there is always one whose face burns into my mind and whose very essence becomes a part of my heart. Alex Green was one of those. I met him on a hot June day much like today. He reminded me so much of my boys. We played Connect Four in the clinic and he told me about his love of the Steelers and wrestling. He mentioned a new baby sister who would arrive soon. Alex Green fought for seven of his twelve years. He endured more than I can even imagine. Alex passed away yesterday. I am thinking of grief and mourning. I am thinking of healing and heaven. I am thinking of Alex and the freckles that splattered across his cute little nose. And I'm thinking about the sunset I saw soon after hearing he was gone.

I am thankful:
for long time friends and connections that don't break over distance and time. One of the most joyous days of this year for me was sitting in the sweltering sun to watch my best friend from high's school's son graduate from Woodberry Forest School in Orange, Virginia last weekend. I sat between her parents - two of the most loving, gracious people I have ever known. I am thankful for her mama's warm hug - a mama who used to wake us up at sleepovers singing "Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory, Glory . . ." I am thankful for her daddy's Texas accent calling out, "Well, there's Jenn!" when he spotted me in the crowd. I am thankful for the "it feels like just yesterday" feeling of being with a friend who has known my heart since I was twelve years old and I am thankful for the future of a boy that is so bright it burns my eyes.

In the kitchen:
Well, I better hop to it because that guy I married is going to need a birthday cake today. :-)
I am wearing:
A black and white embroidered top from JCrew Mercantile, a new store I happened upon which might need a whole new post of its own because JOY, white denim shorts, and the best wedge sandals of all time: the Tom's Cork Wedge Platforms which I wanted to tell you to go buy because they're on sale at Nordstrom, but they only have one size left. Do you wear a 10? Go.
I am listening to:
My washing machine which has its work cut out for it today and a lot of drilling, hammering and sawing as I'm having shelves built in my family room as we speak. (yippee!!!)
I am going:
to do some last minute birthday shopping for my man and let's be honest, I will be purchasing a birthday cake.
I am hoping:
for peace and comfort today for a sweet couple who had to get through yesterday without their precious daughter who was stolen by cancer in January. She should have been eating ice cream and opening gifts on her fifth birthday yesterday. She should have been. Do you know how much I hate cancer? A lot. A whole flippin' lot. Please pray for Lindsay and Mike. Please.
I am looking forward to:
going tonight to watch the Herndon Braves - a college summer baseball team representing the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and comprised of college players from around the country playing in the Cal Ripken Summer League. I won't be watching any of my boys play, but I will be listening to a certain 17 year old interning for the Braves this summer as he makes his debut as the PA announcer. Play Ball!
I am reading:
Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. If you need a bizarre, laugh out loud, spit out your drink kinda read, here you go.
I am learning:
that spray sunscreen doesn't work on fair haired red headed little boys who play in the pool for five hours. Youch. :-(
I am praying:
For joy to come in the morning for so many who are grieving today.  I know that morning seems so far away sometimes. I know it seems it might never come. So maybe I'm just praying for each of these people to have some little sliver of hope for the morning.
A verse for today:
"For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime, weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning" Psalm 30:5
On my Ipod:
Clean by Natalie Grant. This song takes my breath away. Beautiful.
A quote for today:
"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." - Muhammad Ali
I am pondering:
The hoopla surrounding this thing called the "5th Grade Promotion". Y'all. They are going to Middle School where the big news is that they will have a locker and might ask us to buy some Clearasil. It's not as if they just completed training for the space program and we're now launching them to the moon. (PS You will likely find me folded into a fetal position on the floor of the elementary school crying my eyes out next week, so just take my cynicism with a grain of salt.)
One of my favorite things:
The Boys (and the Dog) of Summer

A few plans for the week:
A Little League play-off game for the little man (or two, hopefully!), a summer basketball league starting for the middle man and the busy start to a summer internship for the big boy. Oh, and school's not out yet, so I still have to make lunches which might put me right on over the edge.
A peek into my day:
Celebrating my guy.

Have a great week, everyone!

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