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Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Stitch Fix Summery Summary

Hi, Friends,

We're bringing it back to the fun and frivolous at The View From Behind Home Plate today because frankly, I think we all need it. I will tell you that I now have plans to attend a second funeral in less than a month, so I'm feeling the need for some silliness and some shallowness up in here. 

Luckily, all those things arrived right on my doorstep a couple of days ago in the form of a really fun Stitch Fix box. You'll recall that last time I didn't keep anything at all which caused me to have to send uplifting notes to my Stitch Fix Stylist, so worried I was about her self-esteem. I was *this* close to sending her a coffee mug with this on it.

Well, thankfully, this time I actually could have kept just about all of the items. The problem though is that we are doing some redecorating around here and at this point if I don't cut down the spending some where, I might be sitting pretty in my "black tank with fringe detail" on the empty floor of my "completely lacking detail" family room. 

Here's a look at the loot this time. You will notice that fortunately or unfortunately my new house has a full length mirror. I have often thought that most of the body image issues I suffered as an adolescent were solved by the fact that for 17 years I had no full length mirror. The only way I could see my lower half was to stand precariously on the edge of my bathtub or practically in my shower on a stool. So it's a new day. Now that I'm closing in on 50 I can see the whole kit and kaboodle. What great timing. 

Anyway, here we go.

Daniel Rainn
Draco Neckline Detail Silk Blouse

As you can see by the fake smile and weird eyebrow raise, I really did actually like this top. It is a very pretty bright orange color and fits well. I find that this particular color is really pretty on dark skinned, dark haired Italian girls named Maria or Michele. (Actually, they could be named anything, but those are two of my favorite dark haired, dark skinned Italians.) Anyway, in my opinion, this is not the best color for an Irish girl named Jennifer. Also, it's silk and silk doesn't really go with my life in the summer. Silk + a Super Big Gulp of Diet Coke + A Close Play at the Plate That Makes a Mama Jump Up Like a Maniac and Run to the Fence to Be Sure the Ump Knows that the Catcher Absolutely Got the Tag Down = Diet Coke All Over Silk Blouse. No bueno. I had to send this back.

Jimena Embroidered Top

I adored this top. Which you can tell by the way my shoulder is up on one side as if I am flirting with myself or maybe my ear is itchy. #selfieloser In any event, I didn't have much time to take more selfies of this shirt because I took it right out of the box and wanted to keep it. I was running late to the 5th Grade DARE (Drug Awareness Resistance Education) Graduation, so I had to hustle. I love the material. It's very lightweight for summer and embroidery is BIG this year. I did have to wear a white tank under it because the neck was a little low and it was a bit sheer. But this was a keeper because I had to get to the elementary school and I'm pretty sure that nothing says "Don't Do Drugs" like a flowy embroidered summer weight top.

Lila Ryan
Jade Denim Pencil Skirt

Y'all. This was my favorite. I was skeptical about the return of the denim skirt because I had visions of myself as a freshman in college listening to my Dirty Dancing soundtrack, wearing a chip clip in my hair, large white plastic earrings, a sleeveless pink mock turtle neck, doubled up pink and white socks, Keds and a rocking acid wash Guess skirt. I think we've moved in the right direction in 2016. I love the lack of acid wash on this skirt and I love the slit in the back. I'm not pointing at my butt. I'm pointing at the slit. And also, I almost fell down doing this maneuver. I kept this one.

Cruciatus Fringe Detail Top

Alrighty. This tank was cute. At some point, I had mentioned in a previous blog post that I was all about the fringe trend, so my stylist had very good detective skills in this case. In the top picture you can't see the fringe so I took the opportunity to take a close up of the detail for you. What I didn't do was take a video of the Bob Fosse moves I felt I must perform when wearing this top. A side note for you: Chicago is one of my very favorite movies and I know every, single word to every, single song on the soundtrack. I was totally channeling my inner Catherine Zeta-Jones and had some top notch All That Jazz-hands when I put on this top. And honestly, I don't think that would be beneficial for my community if I were to wear this outside of my closet. I sent this back. I think it will be much safer for me to stick to fringe on shoes or bags and not on my person. 

Vanda Lace-Up Wedges

Last, I was really excited to receive shoes. These are pretty cute, but there is a lot going on here. The two different colors, the braiding, the lace up and the tassels (which you can't see because they are covered with tissue paper). They fit great, but were a little bit too busy for me. This week we had two basketball games, five baseball games, and two baseball practices on top of the school year that will never end. I don't need to add busy shoes to my busy life, so I sent these back.

So, that's it for this box, If you'd like to try Stitch Fix go to I do not get any payment for writing these posts, but I do get a 25% discount if I refer a friend, so I'd be ever so grateful if you'd use my referral code:

Have a great Thursday, Everyone! I wish for all of you a day of some measure of frivolous, fun, shallow stuff and a bunch of smiles. :-) 

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