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Friday, November 4, 2016

Five Things on a Friday: America's Game for the Win

(Drew's very 1st Baseball Practice 2010)

Happy Friday!

Even though the rest of the world wrapped up the 2016 baseball season on Wednesday, in SkinnerWorld we have one more tournament this weekend for the little man. Honestly, after that World Series my heart is even more full of love for the sport of baseball. It's been a very trying time for our country and I think Americans are their best selves during the World Series. I wish we could bottle up all that love and excitement and joy and maybe keep it for a time when we'll really need it. Like say, on Tuesday.

I have never watched a Cubs game in my entire life, but Wednesday night you would have thought I was born and bred in Chicago. I yelled at the tv and gripped my hands together in prayer and changed where I was sitting when necessary to be sure the Cubs pulled off the win. I was angry about the call for the bunt with a guy on 3rd. I was sure they took Hendricks out as pitcher too early. I put my head in my hands when Chapman let up the homerun. I had no idea who any of these people were earlier in the day, but I had all of the opinions of all of the players and all of the coaches during that game. ALL OF THEM. Somehow, they won without my help.

So the return of 5 Things on a Friday to The View From Behind Home Plate after a long absence will be centered on the greatest game in the land. Because DUH. Here are my favorite things from this week.


I spent much of Thursday sobbing over youtube videos of fan reactions to the win. I know this looks like it's about Bill Murray's reaction, which was so great, but it's not about him. Just watch. My favorite is when this grandad kicks his feet up like a little boy, I cried buckets.


Oh, this face. Kris Bryant transforms into a little boy playing his favorite game right before our eyes when he knows before he even fields that ball to get the last out that the dream of his life is about to come true within seconds. I want to tousle his hair, oxiclean his uniform and take him out for pizza and root beer to celebrate. Oh my heart.


I believe I mentioned how much I enjoy Twitter during the presidential debates. I find it a tad bit less bitter and mean compared to other social media outlets. (I'm looking at you, Facebook) Twitter during the World Series is DELIGHTFUL. These were some of my favorite tweets because I could have written every last one myself.


We can't let a post go by without some sort of fashion item. My friend, Maria, who also has three boys who play baseball sent me a link to this tote made out of baseball glove leather from this week. I think I can speak for Maria when I say you will not catch us in a sequined "Baseball Mom" tshirt or wearing any jewelry with baseballs on it or any thing of that nature. Time will tell because both of us have quite a few years left to watch our boys play, but I wouldn't bet on it. This tote is actually really pretty and I bet it smells great. A bag like this is my kind of baseball mom attire. The site has some other cute things. No sequins to be found.


Of course, my very favorites are these little boys. They each still love to swing those bats, play catch with their dad, put new gloves under the mattresses to break them in and stay up until after midnight to watch the big leaguers until the bitter end. Baseball has been a blessing to us. We've gained friends for life and invaluable life lessons. I miss those days when the batting helmets wobbled on their heads and when they spent as much time playing in the dirt as in the game. Hey, Coach. I'd like a do over.

Have a great weekend!!!

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