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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Embracing Normal and Finding Holy Ground

I've sat down to write many times in the last few weeks. Then I've gotten up - usually in a huff, with a roll of the eyes - to answer to the clothes dryer chiming or to run to the grocery store for the fifth time or to take out the dog with those needy eyes or to pick up a kid from school for another appointment or to order yet another pair of pants for a boy who won't stop growing.

Blah, blah, bllllaaaahhhh.

There have been seasons in my life, even before I had a blog for which to write, and even when I was overwhelmed with the duties of having three little people right under my feet all day long, when writing would flow out of me so easily. Tapping out words became both release and rejuvenation for me. I found that if I could recap the ordinary, mundane moments of a mom at home - the frustrating ones and the boring ones - I could often discover the humor, joy or even beauty in them. This was crucial to reminding me that there was meaning and purpose in the chaotic days of a woman - one with a brain and thoughts and a Master’s Degree for heaven's sake - living a life where every single day was about trucks and baseballs and superheroes and dirt.

I had chosen the life of a stay at home mom and had, in fact, dreamt of it. So, it seemed that through my writing, God was able to show me how present He was in the small, seemingly insignificant moments of my days. He was able to assure me that my brain still worked. I could still form sentences and paragraphs and even a joke or two. This was exactly where I was supposed to be.

But in the past few months the writing and therefore, the glimpses of joy, humor and frankly, of God haven't come as easily. 


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