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Friday, February 10, 2017

5 Things on a Friday: Saving the Best for Last 2-10-17

Well, we made it to Friday after a really weird weather week around here. On Tuesday and Wednesday it was close to 70 degrees and then the temperature took a nose dive and there was a call for snow in the wee hours of Thursday morning. Since we haven't had a snow day all year, one of my kids got his hopes for missing school up incredibly high. No matter how much I told him not to count on it, he did not listen.

Honestly, he didn't listen to me. I know this is shocking to all the moms of twelve year olds in all the land.

Well, Thursday morning there was not a drop of snow or ice to be found, so when I woke him up at the normal time for school, there was a palpable sense of tragedy in Skinner World. In true 2017 fashion he launched a protest to the tune of a hunger strike and refusal to speak. This did not bother me in the least as I didn't have to figure out what to make for breakfast and it was blessedly quiet. The dog did put a smile on his face for a minute, but the despair continued all the way to the bus stop. I fully expected him to change out of his Under Armour Sweatshirt and into a sackcloth, pour ashes on his head and commence wailing at the city gates.

Life is terribly difficulty for middle schoolers who actually have to attend school, y'all.

In contrast, I could live a long happy life without one more flake of snow so let's talk about some favorite things of the week which included two blissful days when I didn't have to wear a coat.

1. Yoga

I know it's shocking, but I went back to yoga again even though I had a near death experience the first time I went this year. I will say that when I started to put on my clothes to get myself ready for yoga class this time, my body and my mind were all

But I did go back and it wasn't bad. I'm thinking it's time for some new yoga essentials to keep me motivated. The best part of yoga is, of course, the lying still on the mat/relaxation part of the class. Many moons ago, when I practiced yoga I had a lavender scented eye pillow that our instructor gave me. I loved it with all my heart. These eye pillows are also great when you have a headache or to block out the light from the Celtics game that is still on your tv at 11:00 pm when you're trying to sleep. I just ordered this one.

I also love this cute braided head band from Carrie Underwood's collection at Dick's Sporting Goods.

2. This Story

I wrote earlier this week about Modern Mrs. Darcy's Reading Challenge. As I've been really focused on reading in 2017, I loved this article about a rookie on the New England Patriots who joined a book club full of women aged 40-60 when he was in college at the University of Georgia. This story delightful. Read it here.

3. President and Mrs. George Herbert Walker Bush

Yes, it was a ridiculously good Super Bowl. Yes, the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. Yes, the only time the Super Bowl has gone into overtime. Lady Gaga, Tom Brady, that catch made by Julian Edelman, the Melissa McCarthy Commercial, Giselle's bouncing and behaving hair.  All spectacular. But for me, the best part of the Super Bowl by far was seeing the dignity and grace of President and Mrs. Bush when they came out for the coin toss. It was the only moment when I really put down the chips, sat down, and paid very close attention. These people. Their maturity, their humility, their class. Oh, how I love them. And, oh how I surely do miss them in our nation's capital.

4. Happy Spring Colors
(For People Who Have the Opposite Coloring of Me)

I can't even count how many cute spring tops and dresses in that bright marigold/yellow/gold color I've seen lately. Unfortunately, that color looks terrible on me, but if you have darker skin and hair I think this color is beautiful. And it's so bright and happy for the middle of a cold, grey February. Here are some cute options for looking all sunshiny bright.
Recently, I saw someone wearing this Lace Ruffle Tank and it was so pretty on her. I was surprised to hear it is from Target and only $19.99 right now!

This from Old Navy is so bright and feminine. I love it.

This Raella Tunic Dress from Anthropologie is adorable. It's not on sale, but . . .

How about these cute sunglasses??? On sale at Anthro for $29.95.

Ok, the 5th Thing on a Friday is the best of all.  Get ready because this is what I heard about this week:


Well, y'all.

The joy this brings me is irrational and weird and also has no end. UNENDING JOY. I am certain that The Lovely and Talented Mrs. C. and I will have our phones at the ready to text all the delightful and insightful commentary we are going to have about this very special Lifetime event. On second thought, I might need to have a viewing party. The questions I have about this are endless:

How much time will we spend on Britney and Justin? Will the actors wear the original denim outfits that they wore together which is at least in the top ten of the most amazing fashion moments of our lifetime? Will the actress actually shave her head? Will we get to see the re-enactment of the time she danced with the snake? Can we leave the Madonna kiss out, please? Will we see her actually walk into the port-a-potty at that gas station without her shoes? Has K-Fed endorsed this? Has Jamie Lynn endorsed this? Have Sean P. and Jayden endorsed this? Has anyone watched as many episodes of Zoey 101 as I have? Doesn't everyone dance around to Toxic when they're in a bad mood?

Bonus: It's called Britney Ever After. 

"No way," you say.


This is one of my favorite photos from the movie. Just look at Fake Baby Sean Preston.

World Premiere on Lifetime on February 18th.

You're welcome.

Have a great weekend!

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Kristen - said...

The story about your son had me laughing out loud! I have a 12 year old son, too. So hilariously accurate! Ha!