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Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Stitch Fix Summary: 3 out of 5 ain't bad!

My January Stitch Fix box came last week and it was a winner! I kept three of the five items this time. If you're not aware of what Stitch Fix is yet, here's the gist:

It is an online subscription personal shopping service. You can schedule a fix up to once a month. (I am scheduled for every other month). You fill out a style profile which includes your tastes and also how much you normally spend on tops, pants, accessories, shoes, etc. Your online stylist chooses 5 items to send you based on the profile. The service is $20 per month with the $20 going toward any items you purchase if you do so. You are sent a prepaid envelope to return items you don't want to keep within three days. If you purchase all five items you get a 25% discount. 

Although I have heard mixed reviews from friends, I love receiving my fix and have bought some really cute pieces. I received a gift card two years ago from my sister-in-law for Christmas and have never looked back. And guess what? Just in time for Valentine's Day, Stitch Fix is offering Stitch Fix for Men! 


To grab your guy a gift card go HERE. Later, have him fill out a style profile. This is where I point out that my husband would rather stick forks in his eyes than think about his style (there was one?) long enough to answer even one question. So, just fill it out yourself.

Ok, back to us, ladies. Here's a review of the items I received.

Daniel Rainn Cassiel Pleated Detail Blouse

When I saw this top it was love at first sight. The very first day it arrived I grabbed it along with the Liverpool Mira Skinny Jeans (which were in the box this time as well) and wore them with my boots and new Stella & Dot gold earrings (which I love because they are so lightweight and perfect to wear everyday.) The top is also long enough to wear with leggings which I have done numerous times due to things like ALL THE SUPER BOWL FOOD.

(Sidenote: I recently saw this top from Joie online. It costs $298. I think it's incredibly similar to my new favorite Stitch Fix top which was significantly less than $298. #winning) 

Olive & Oak Laney Pocket Tee Knit Top

Stripes are my love language so this cute pocket tee with three-quarter length sleeves was perfect for me. It isn't a color I normally wear but it was so soft I couldn't pass it up. It is perfect with cuffed jeans and Converse. (It is also perfect with pajama bottoms, a bowl of Smart Food Spicy Jalapeno Ranch Popcorn and This is Us as you can probably tell by how wrinkled it is in this photo.)

Octavia Brooks Crossbody Bag

Stitch Fix urges its clients to contact their stylist with any ideas for helping them ensure that the pieces will meet your tastes. I had requested a cross body bag in my previous note and they listened! The only problem with keeping this bag was that Steve listened first and clicked on the link I sent him before Christmas to get me this similar bag.

Since this bag is already filled with my seven lip glosses, four Dick's Sporting Goods Coupons, gum that has fallen out of the package, and all the trash that Drew is too lazy to throw in the trash can at the high school basketball games, I sent the Stitch Fix one back. I did, however, appreciate that the stylist clearly read my comments.

Coin 1804 Coby Button Down Cardigan

This grey cardigan was fine. That's all. There was nothing at all wrong with it. It's just that I don't wear a lot of cardigans, but if I did I'm sure I would have kept it.

Liverpool Mira Skinny Jean

These jeans were great. I am hesitant to tell you that the stylist referred to them as "jeggings" which gave me the creeps. Despite the fact that I made a declaration that I would never wear anything called jeggings, I bought them. I also said I would never wear a jumpsuit, but I purchased one recently to wear to Kyle's Kamp's Casino Night. (Get your tickets HERE.) Lest you think I'm not a woman of my word, I still have never watched Star Wars, have never had a French pedicure and have never put stick figure family stickers on my car. so I'm thinking I still have made some ironclad declarations that you can count on. As for the jeggings, I've worn them a ton both with tops I already owned and with the two I kept from this fix.

Well, that's it! If you'd like to try Stitch Fix, I'd love it if you used my referral link!

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