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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

He Sees Us

The sermon series at our church this week was titled "Lost and Found" and described the way our Lord relentlessly pursues us. The way He will never let a single one of us out of His sight. Even when we are trying to hide from Him. Even when we are running from Him.

Many of us wouldn't be described by the culture as being "lost". We aren't running or hiding from God. We aren't actively making destructive, hurtful or shameful decisions. We are here, serving our communities, raising our families, punching the clock at our jobs, having successes and having failures. And yet, as we move through our routines and responsibilities, there are seasons when we feel lost. We don't feel remarkable or special. Neither do we feel rebellious or defiant. We feel that maybe God isn't terribly disappointed in us, but maybe He doesn't really have much interest in us at this point. I've felt those things before. Many times. I've felt invisible and unseen and boring.

Those feelings are not facts. Those whisperings in our hearts are of the enemy. The Lord does not look away from us. He does not find us ordinary and disposable. He is not limited in His ability to see each of the children of His kingdom. He sees us in our joys, in our successes, in our tedium, in our grumblings, in our grief, in our failures and in our sin.

As I sat at church during the sermon this week, I remembered a post I wrote about our ever present, ever focused God. You will be shocked to know that the revelation that I would never ever be invisible to the Lord came to me as I sat in the bleachers at a baseball game.

I am honored that my beloved church saw fit to publish those words on its website this week. If you've been reading here for awhile you might remember this one from a few years ago.

If not, you can read He Sees You Out There HERE.

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