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Friday, March 3, 2017

5 Things on a Friday: 3-3-17

Hi, Y'all!

Well, my word, it's Friday and it's March. Who woulda thunk it?

I would like to tell you that I've done all manner of productive, important things in the past seven days, but if I have they have pretty much slipped my mind. To prove this point, I can tell you that I did go to the dentist this week and when she told me that my teeth looked super and that I had great dental hygiene, I felt irrationally proud of myself. I'm thinking that's a pretty good indication that I didn't have many glowing successes this week. Also, I will tell you that I felt a tiny bit of shame because I have never flossed my teeth on my own in my entire life. Judge me if you will, but I'm just telling you that's how it went down.

So. being that I just wrote a entire paragraph about my dental appointment, if you're still here I'll go ahead and throw in that despite the fact that I thought I was going to finally meet Jesus face to face during the my first hot yoga class a couple weeks ago, I attended the same class twice this week without dying or passing out or throwing up. The only problem I had was when I put on my new Carrie Underwood sports bra and it took me about ten full minutes to realize that one of the padded inserts had slipped to the other side in the washer so that both pads were on one side. It's good thing I figured that little mishap out before class or let's just say that the balance portion of my yoga practice would have been a bit off.

Listen, this yoga thing is all gonna work out fine. The Lord will bring us through the valley to the mountaintop. We just need to trust Him and handwash our sports bras from now on.

Oh, first week of March 2017, my, my, my, you were one for the history books.

Here are 5 of my favorite things from this oh-so-memorable week.

1. The Oscars
I know that every blogger in America has already discussed The Oscars and I'm late to that party, but as I said I was trying to recover from hot yoga this week, so I wasn't able to give an adequate recap. I will give you a quick opinion. First of all, for the record, I don't even remotely care about the politics of these people and I don't care if they do or do not agree with me. I find no reason to boycott the delightful idiocy that is the Hollywood awards show season. I am nothing if not incredibly shallow and irrationally obsessed with the gowns, the hairstyles, the jewelry and how on earth Viola Davis got those amazing shoulders. I shamelessly, wholeheartedly love the movies and I love the award season. I love it so much so that when a certain child of mine asked too many questions during the ceremony I told him that he had to leave the room and I did not want to see his precious face until the morning. Also, my husband has been banned since a few years ago when Meryl Streep was on the screen and he asked, with no shred of embarrassment, "Who's that?".

Y'all. Can you even with that one? Have mercy.

Here are some of my favorite images from Oscar Night.

Of course, we've all heard about the monumental flub that the Price Waterhouse Cooper folks pulled off and that sure was a shame, but if we want to just find some beauty in the ashes of that particular tragedy, all we have to do is check out this photo. I recommend zooming in on the faces a bit. In Jenn Skinner World, Matt Damon will always win every award for the rest of time and his expression is awesome here. Close second is The Rock. Last, check out the guy next to Sting's wife. He might be my fave.

Favorite Dresses

The real Nicole Kidman returned to us on Sunday night. Both her Golden Globes and her SAG Awards dresses filled us with great despair. (I mean if you're part of the "us" that is shallow enough to find great despair in someone's choice of evening wear like I am.) I was relieved about this dress. I feel like she's staring at me saying, "How could you doubt me?" It's perfect. Even more perfect lipstick. Welcome back, Nic. We knew you'd redeem yourself.

It took me a minute to like this. At first I thought it was too much, but then I remembered that Janelle Monae can definitely get away with this. Oh my word, is she gorgeous. The more often I saw this dress, the more I loved it. And this girl can act, too. She was great in both Moonlight and in Hidden Figures. I think she'll be up on that stage accepting an award in the near future.

I gasped when I saw the fringe on this dress. I gasped and shrieked all alone in my family room. It's kinda sad. But Emma Stone is not sad. She is amazing and she looked like a winner. Swoon.

This color on Viola Davis was stunning. Her shoulders are otherworldly. I love the train, the drape over her arms, her hair, and the minimal jewelry. This was maybe my favorite of the whole night.

Except it wasn't my favorite because:

Well. I don't even have words. Sunny Pawar of Lion: Please come live with me and also, your shoes are awesome.

2. Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief's Tribute to America's Warriors 
by George W. Bush

I've watched George W. Bush on no less than three different talk shows this week. I have made no bones about the fact that I adore this man and the Bush family and every time I see him any where I am reminded why. He has humility, a sense of humor and a grace about him that reminds me of so many of the men that I have admired and loved in my life. He has been promoting his new book and I immediately purchased three copies today. I think this will make a great Father's Day gift for your dad or husband. In reality, I think this will make a great gift for anyone. I have a spot on my coffee table waiting for it. The proceeds will go to the George W. Bush Presidential Center whose Military Initiative provides services for post 9-11 vets. Well done, Mr. President.

(PS I highly recommend following George W. Bush on Instagram where he's had numerous videos portraying the stories of these warriors for the past few weeks.)

3. Wet and Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick in Rebel Rose

Y'all. I can't even tell you how embarrassed I am about the name of my new favorite lip stick. It's highly ridiculous to have to type in that many words when you're searching for lip color. Still, I stumbled on this recently and I love it. Despite the name, I think the color is pretty subtle. It's one of those types that stays on for a long time. (see "megalast"), so it can be drying. That's why I generally put lip balm on top. And sometimes I put my other favorite, Neutrogena Moisturesmooth Color Stick in Rich Raisin, on top. So there you go, I barely have lips, so just imagine how much you'll love this if you have really great lips! Yay!

I also should be fairly embarrassed about the fact that I took a selfie of my lipstick to share with you, but I wanted you to see the true color since sometimes you can't really tell by looking at the tube. Teeth by Dr. Zach Casagrande. Please don't tell him that I don't floss.

While we're selfie-ing this is me driving in my car after I took the smile selfie. It is obvious that I am featuring the "suburban-white-girl-in-her-forties-dance-face" while I listen to Justin Timberlake. After seeing this, I realized why my kids exit the car so quickly when I drop them off at practice. *sigh*


I saw this on Instagram yesterday and it was so meaningful to me. I've been restless, bored, anxious and searching, This isn't anything new for me in the months of February and March. These months seem to be transitional and oh, I don't know, kinda weird. This reminds me that God has put me in the place where I am with intention. My wandering mind was settled immediately by this quote. I hope I'll remember to water the grass here in these moments each day. They are a fleeting gift given me. I ought cherish and tend to each of them well.

5. Kyle's Kamp Casino Night for Pediatric Cancer 

The pediatric cancer organization that I have been involved with for many years had a beautiful, successful, fun night full of friends, cupcakes, generosity, cosmos, fake gambling and did I mention cupcakes? In the "Things I Never Thought I'd Say" and also, "I'm Way To Old For This Trend" categories, yours truly wore a jumpsuit that I bought for $24.99 at TJ Maxx. It turned out to be so comfortable and fun, but I didn't anticipate the restroom difficulties it brought with it. This is why women who have had three children do not wear jumpsuits. Still, with a little help from my friends who were masters at unbuttoning and buttoning back quickly, it all worked out. It is glorious to see people smiling and laughing in a community full of so much sorrow. It's a nice break from the brutality. It is true that the Lord is near to the broken hearted and that He can bring glimpses of hope and joy in our broken world. It was clear that night. He is our hope.

Kyle's Kamp's newest venture is to partner APHON (The Association of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Nurses) to offer scholarships to children who are currently or have completed treatment for cancer. If you are interested in donating to these worthy kids, please go HERE.

Have a great weekend, Everyone!

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