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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May Stitch Fix Review

It's time for my Stitch Fix Review and I'm sorry to say this one was a bust. For the first time I didn't keep a single item. As usual, the fit was good across the board and I liked a few of the items, but I didn't love any of them. Additionally, I felt the prices were a bit high.

Still, I remain loyal to Stitch Fix and must take some of the blame as I haven't updated my Style Profile in a long while. After I sent back all five pieces,  I took the time to do that to help the stylist out. I changed some of my preferences on cost and made sure to update my color choices because it seems that I continue to get peach/orange/coral colors even though for me those colors are no bueno.

I was sad because I really usually like at least a couple of items and I hate to lose that $20 styling fee. I think there were some cute things and this box could have been a winner for someone else, so I still want to share with you what I received. If you would like to try Stitch Fix, I'd be so grateful if you'd use my referral code HERE.

Ok, here's what I got:

Street Level 
Sela Striped Crossbody

This is a cute clutch that also has a chain so that it can be carried as a cross body bag. I continue to have a life that demands that I have a bag that can carry snacks, water bottles, diet cokes, a book and on occasion, someone's athletic supporter, so this wouldn't cut it for me, but it is awfully cute. Cute stripes, cute leather strap, cute for summer - just not cute for Jenn.

Kut from the Kloth
Dayna Skinny Jean

So that I just wouldn't have a photo of a pair of jeans up here and also because I was avoiding laundry and making dinner, I put together this early-springish outfit with the skinny jeans they sent. These jeans fit great. I liked them just fine. I might have kept them, but on the same day I received these Articles of Society jeans in the mail. The AOS pair is not identical, but they cost less than half of what the Stitch Fix ones would cost, they were crazy comfortable with a ton of stretch and have a fun frayed hem. So had I chosen the $88.00 jeans over the $37.00 jeans my wallet would have been all:

(The fringed wedges are a few years old which you can tell by how dirty they are - gross - but there are similar ones  HERE, the jacket is one I bought when visiting my sister at a boutique in Carmel, California so I'm no help with that, the ruffled white blouse is way old and from Target, Sunglasses are from Loft last year and are not available anymore and neither are the ones pictured, by the way, since they were recently broken when my kid accidentally swatted them off the table) )

Meryl Split Neck Blouse

Well, here we have this whimsical bicycle print blouse. So many bicycles. Such whimsy! I have to say that I was actually close to keeping this blouse because I really wanted to keep something and it fit well. However, I am not whimsical. I'm not even sure of the exact definition of whimsical, but I don't think it describes me. If you are whimsical, that's great. You do you, friend. To prove that I made the right decision, on the very day I sent this back, I saw THIS SKETCH on Saturday Night Live in which all the moms wear whimsical blouses printed with the animal they've chosen to represent their personality. I felt the bicycle print was dangerously close to the animal print, so thank you SNL for affirming in my choice here.

(Striped clutch from Stitch Fix, Denim Jacket is very old from Gap, but I love this one HERE, White Denim Jeans which I've already spilled red wine on are HERE and now 40% off with code FLASH, Sandals are from TJ Maxx and I couldn't find them online, Necklace is HERE)

Dear John
Helen Fray Hem Short

These white denim shorts fit well, had a cute frayed hem and were a pretty good length. Also, they cost $58.00. FIFTY-EIGHT AMERICAN DOLLARS.

I have a pair of frayed hem white denim shorts from Old Navy that have held up surprisingly well. I will admit that I have a pair of Dear John blue denim that I bought early on from Stitch Fix and they are great, but I still can't justify this when the Old Navy ones are just fine and you'll still be able to afford at least a couple of tacos and a diet Coke from the California Tortilla next door after you buy them.

(Plaid top is HERE, Sandals are HERE, Cross Body Bag is HERE, Sunglasses are from Loft last year, similar ones at 40% off with code FLASH are HERE, Shorts you can find a gazillion places for much less than $58)

Laila Jayde
Bowie 3/4 Sleeve Dolman Knit Top

This Dolman top fits great. I have a similar one that I got from Stitch Fix about a year ago in a grey and white stripe that I love. The problem here is all about the coral color. I can picture my dark haired, dark skinned, Italian friend, Maria, in this color and I think it would look beautiful on her. It does not, however, look beautiful on my blonde haired, pale skinned, Irish self.

(White denim jeans are HERE, Similar Fringe Sandals HERE, Necklace from Stella and Dot but does not appear to be available anymore, sunglasses from Loft last year.)

So that's that, folks. I made an effort to send specific notes to my Stitch Fix stylist including the reasons why I didn't keep anything this time, so we'll see how that works out next time.

Again, I'm still a big fan of Stitch Fix, so if you want to give it try, go for it.

Have a great Wednesday!


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