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Monday, July 24, 2017

July Stitch Fix Success!!!

I spent most of the weekend going cross-eyed looking at all the things in all the categories from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I think I officially need a new contact prescription now. There is a lot out there and so many fashion bloggers giving advice on the best deals and their favorite picks. I've got my (quickly deteriorating) eyes on some boots, some wedges, 3 different totes, about 47 pairs of jeans, 8-10 tops, 2 bracelets and a pair of earrings.  All that to say, that I'm going to have to spend much of the day realizing that I do not have Oprah's bank account and do some serious re-evaluating of my online shopping cart. *sigh*

Speaking of fashion, though, I did get my new Stitch Fix Box right before the 4th. I have numerous friends who seem to love it and some who aren't impressed. After a couple of years of receiving boxes every other month, I'm still in the "love it" category.

My most recent box was perhaps one of the best I have received. I could have kept all five pieces, but doing the math and knowing that that pesky Nordstrom sale was right around the corner, I tried to be reasonable.

Here's a look at the loot.

Honey Punch
Luke Tassel Detail Knit Top

I love this top. One of my issues with my past boxes have had to do with color. I am fairly strict about the colors I wear. (fairly strict? That makes zero sense.) Anyway, I like black, white, blue and green. That's about it. No pastels, no orange, pink, or yellow and rarely red. This navy top is adorable. I am not a Spirit Wear baseball mom because one year I bought Spirit Wear and we had two quick losses and a mighty fast exit from the summer AllStar tournament. Clearly, this was the fault of my wardrobe.  For that reason, this top was an even more welcome addition to my summer baseball gear because red, white and blue were our team's colors and also 'Merica. This was a sure-fire keep.

Jeans/Shoes from Banana Republic many moons ago/Earrings/Similar Bangles

Skies are Blue
Nielsen Henley Top

I adore this top. Plaid is one of my love languages, so I wanted to keep it right off the bat. It is fitted at the top and flowy at the bottom, but not too much. It's really comfortable and perfect for the ridiculously hot summer days we're having. This was a keep.

Janie Embroidered Dress

This dress was so pretty. The embroidery was gorgeous. It was lined which is a must for a white dress and it fit perfectly. I love wearing dresses in the summer and therefore I already have quite a few. It was hard to let this one go, but as I received this just before our baseball tournament started, the white was giving me an eye twitch. It just didn't match my life in that moment. Even though I would have never worn it to a game, I still had visions of rusty brown baseball dirt all over it because somehow that dirt lives in my house for the entire summer no matter what. Sadly, this was a return. 

Marlayna Knit Dress

I was so excited when I saw this dress that I almost started singing The Star Spangled Banner as soon as I took it out of the box. I wore it the very next day to a 4th of July cookout. It is the softest fabric, and it fit perfectly. Best of all, it has pockets and as everyone knows pockets on a dress are evidence of God's unending love for us. I can't remember where that is in the Bible, but I feel like it is. This was a keep.

O + O
Rhett Hand Dyed Hooded Knit Top

This was a perfect lightweight pullover for summer evenings when the temperatures drop a bit. (Which by the way has not happened AT ALL here in Northern Virginia because apparently the sun is trying to kill us.) The 3/4 length sleeve is perfect, the hood is perfect, the stripe and color are perfect and the fit was perfect - not too baggy or bulky. The problem here was that just the week before I had purchased a pretty similar lightweight sweater from the Gap Outlet and I couldn't justify keeping this one. Had it come a week earlier this would have been in my closet for sure. Such a cute top, but I had to return it.

My Similar 3/4 Sleeve Sweater/Shoes/Jeans/Necklace/Similar Earrings  

So that's all, folks. I seriously could have kept all five items and if I had I would have received a 25% discount. I thought about it long and hard, but in the end I kept three. If you'd like to try Stitch Fix, I'd be so happy if you'd use my referral code. Gift cards are also available for Stitch Fix for Women and new for Men! Be sure to be specific in setting up your Style Profile and I think you'll have great success!

Have a great day, friends!

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Lisa C said...

I generally buy my entire year's worth of jeans during the NSALE but this year I only bought one pair. I was so fixated on the shoes! I might have gone a little crazy and now it's time to decide what really needs to live at my house! Ha. Glad you had luck with Stitch Fix. I agree with a color scheme - I'm not sure why you have yours but I know if I only buy clothes in certain colors, then everything mixes and matches better. Otherwise I end up with lots of clothes but nothing goes together.