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Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Daybook: September 24

Outside my window:
it is dark and early and I could've slept later, but I'm already on coffee cup #2
I am thinking:
perhaps too much caffeine today.  Get ready.
I am thankful:
that God is just so darn much bigger!  He's bigger than fear, than pain, than bitterness, than anger.  He is so much bigger than all of it.  If someone or something has you down and you feel a victim, just remember:  He is so much bigger than His little, insignificant, powerless-without-Him people down here who think we know so much and who determine to fear so much.  And I'm thankful that if we trust God, we find that LOVE WINS.  Every time.  Love conquers all of the messes and all of the difficulties.  It doesn't get rid of the difficulties, but it beats them eventually.  It wins every single time.  Oh, my gosh, I'm so thankful for that . . . do I sound like a crazy person?  He's bigger than crazy people, too!  Isn't that the BEST?!!!!
In the kitchen:
I literally woke up thinking about how much of a failure I have been in there.  I joke about it, but I have to do better.  My family deserves some real food and I have 612 cookbooks that I never actually use.  My most recent purchase was a Giada book and all I have done since I bought it was look at the pictures.  Well, and after that, I ran to CVS to buy myself some Crest Whitestrips because her teeth are GORGEOUS and blinding.
I am wearing:
Old Navy blue and yellow plaid pjs
I am listening to:
I am going:
to cook, for real.
I am reading:
7:  An Experimental Mutiny on Excess. I will admit that this book can make an American Christian feel some serious guilt.  It is not always fun, although the author is hilarious, and I highly recommend it.  I don't think her aim is for us to feel guilty, but rather I must find why God (and my friend, Elizabeth) brought this book to me at this time in my life and what He wants it to say to me.
I am pondering:
In light of the above guilt, I am pondering this from Jen Hatmaker in 7"Self-hatred is not appropriate when God reveals a new angle.  The wise responder humbly receives truth, allows it to supersede the version he or she is holding, and adjusts.  This progression is not cause for shame but gratitude;  thankful God never leaves us where we are but draws us into a richer faith."
I am hoping:
to make some plans to get on an airplane and fly home to see my people.  Texas Forever.
I am looking forward to:
no Back to School Nights this week.
I am learning:
lessons in not taking offense or perhaps that would be humility.  Joe came home from school and said he was going to run for President of a service organization at school and he had to write a speech. 
"Oh, really?!" My eyes brightened and I grabbed my pen.  "Yep.  I think I'm going to ask Dad to help me."  As in his dad, who speaks about one-tenth of the words that his mother does and does not happen to write a blog.  He's asking his dad to help him write a speech.  Whatever, I'm busy anyway.
I am praying:
I have been to four benefits for four different children with cancer in the last six months and I just heard about two more.  I'm praying for all of them, their parents and their siblings today.  Praying like mad. 
On my IPod:
We heard this song over and over on the way to all of our All-Star baseball games this summer:  The Fighter.  I heard it the other day and I thought of all those little fighters above and lots of other folks I know who are just fighting to get through the day.  Warning, that this is not from my Christian radio station and there might be a word or two in here, but I gotta say I love this song.  Being that I saw Rocky III, forty-five times, I like the line, "I'll be in your corner like Mick, baby".  So for Brandon, Chris, another Chris, Reed, Ryan, Aidan, a couple of Cindys, Kyle, a couple of Jasons and all of the fighters out there, this one's for you.  You've got a lot of Micks in your corner, including that big Man upstairs.  Fight hard, guys.
A quote for today:
"Love is stronger than death and jealousy is as cruel as the grave.  Floods cannot drown love and wealth cannot buy it"  -The Canticle of Love from the Hymnal at church yesterday.  It made me cry.  No one is going to want to sit by me anymore with all the boo-hooing I do at church.
A verse for today:
"In Him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of Him who WORKS OUT EVERYTHING in the conformity of his will . . ."  Ephesians 1:11 (emphasis with BIG FAT CAPS, mine)
One of my favorite things:
when the sermon and the hymns and the readings at church feel like they are just for me.  How does God do that?  Oh, yea, He's God.
A few plans for the week:
my first Mystery Reader assignment for 2nd grade, (book suggestions are appreciated) two baseball tournaments this weekend - one here and one away.
A peek into my day:
After I whiten my teeth:

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Kim said...

Loved reading your daybook today. Put a big (not Giada white) smile on my face. I even laughed out loud a few times. Enjoy your week and may your smile be blinding!