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Monday, October 22, 2012

Daybook: Monday, October 22, 2012

Outside my window:

I am thinking:
that the floors are done and now the work starts, since I have to think about area rugs and sofas and powder room mirrors and accessories.  Decorating is not fun for me and I'm not good at it.  I would much rather shop for boots and jackets and jeans, but I have a family and they have to have somewhere to sit.  Also, if I see one more of my children sliding across the new floors like Shaun White, I might accidentally stick my foot out and trip someone.
I am wearing:
black running shorts and the free T-shirt from the 5K Joe and I ran this weekend.
I am listening to:
silence.  Thank goodness I am not listening to hammers or saws or new toilets and sinks being installed. (after they were broken, ahem)  I do miss the hardwood guy's Classic Rock station though.
I am pondering:
how I can change one thing in my house and then decide that the rest of the entire house must be changed as well.
I am wondering:
if you've seen anything more beautiful than this?  Photos from my drive to Purcellville, VA for baseball yesterday.  Dear God, you did a fabulous job on October 21, 2012.  If you live in my area take a drive down Harmony Church Road off of Route 15 and listen to THIS and THIS from Third Day. 

I am thankful:
for My Anti-Superfreak Team including Mrs. R., Sister and Mom.  I was just about into full on panic when I wasn't sure whether or not I had made big mistake on my choice of hardwood floors, which by the way are not something I can return like that pair of jeans I thought would fit.  Mrs. R. is calm and talented and said, "Are you crying? (I was close) and then she said in her sure, wise, blessed voice, "It's fine.  It's going to be great."  I keep hearing her voice in my head and I believe her.  Also, Sister went on a mad search of decorating sites, so that when I woke up Saturday morning my inbox was full of beautiful ideas. Mom is ridiculously gifted at decorating and well, she's my mom, so she makes everything better.  Thanking God for these women and also thankful that my treasure is in heaven, not on the floor of my house.  I know, I know.
I am going:
to run, do laundry and start searching for area rugs.  Wow, Mondays are fun.
I am reading:
Beth Moore's study of Esther.  Y'all . . .so good!!!!  Also, need to start The Great Gatsby for my book club.  I read it a million years ago, but I'm looking forward to reading it again.
I am praying:
for my cousin who is on strict bedrest willing her little one to delay her arrival.  Might you send up a prayer for them as well?  Dear Little Girl Hill, I'm not coming to visit until Thanksgiving, so what's the rush, sweet pea?  You stay put!  I haven't even had time to shop for you yet, ok?
I am looking forward to:
a week of gorgeous 70 degree days and trees and slides safely into the base.

Quote for today:
"Hey, Mom.  You should sing in the church choir.  You have a good voice." - Drew, listening to me belt out Third Day in the car.  I might need to mention that he had a pretty serious cold and his ears are clogged up.  So? 
Verse for today:
"God saw all that He had made, and it was very good."  -Genesis 1:31
On my Ipod:
THIS  song called Losing by Tenth Avenue North.  I think forgiving can be one of the hardest things God calls us to do.  I think this song really speaks to how forgiveness is about us, how we want to live, who we want to be, the bitterness we want to release and so much less about the person we are having trouble forgiving.  When we remember the forgiveness Jesus mercifully gives us every minute of everyday, we don't so much feel like we're losing.  Beautiful, honest song.
One of my favorite things:
A baseball field in the Fall

A few plans for the week:
Putting the house back together and trying to stay in the home decor stores without sitting on the floor and crying that I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW TO PICK!!!  and of course, Run, Boy, Run.

A peek into my day:
Dear sweet, Jesus, please don't make me go here again.  I was in there about 52 times last week.  I don't belong in there.  When one finds herself practically doing squats while discussing the particular advantages of toilet height with a stranger in an orange apron, I'm pretty sure things in the home improvement realm have taken a path down which I do not want to travel.  Crossing my fingers:  NO MORE HOME DEPOT, please.


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Theresa said...

Those are beautiful fall colors! I wouldn't like spending that much time in Home Depot either ;)