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Monday, November 5, 2012

Daybook: (Sunday and) Monday, November 5th

Outside my window:
a parking lot in Bristow, Virginia. It's actually Sunday morning and I'm getting a jumpstart on the Daybook by taking refuge in the Starbucks at Harris Teeter for about an hour while Kyle "warms up" for his early morning baseball game.  It's 38 degrees.  Time for you to go now fall baseball season.

I am thinking:
about the election.  Desperate political signs, desperate phone calls, desperate tv ads . . . I realize we are in desperate times, but this is exhausting.  And this is coming from someone who has made the calls and passed out the signs in her past.  I am way over it and I'm ready to pull the lever.
I am thankful:
that the world will continue to spin and that our God will continue to bless and that I will continue to believe in the goodness of my country and its people no matter what happens come Wednesday morning.
In the kitchen:
it's likely a mess since I left before three of my people ate breakfast.
I am wearing:
long underwear pulled out of the ski clothes bin, warm socks, boots, scarf, hat, chapstick, jacket, gloves. 
I am listening to:
two little toddler boys in a shopping cart, one of whom is throwing a championship tantrum, while their poor mama just tries to buy some bananas.
I am going:
to get some coffee and brave the ball field.
I am wondering:
if anyone else sees that Brad Pitt Chanel commercial and wants tell him to please, stop talking and  then to throw something at the tv.  Brad,  Mrs. R. and I are pretty smart and we can't even figure out what on God's green Earth you are talking about.  And unless you are going to go full-on Tristan from Legends of the Fall, please cut your hair.  The lovely and talented Mrs. C. says she thinks that Coco Chanel is probably doing the superfreak about that commercial.  I think she's right.  (Yes, there is a crucial election this week and there are many things to wonder about.  I just can't help it)
I am reading:
The Great Gatsby
I am hoping:
for a couple of ODBL tournament baseball championships for the 12U Loudoun South Eagles and the 8U Blue Ridge Senators.
I am learning:
that when I'm in a mood, I tend to take out my frustrations by yelling at people on tv.  Sorry, Brad Pitt, tv anchors and all of the whiny people on the political ads, but y'all are getting on my last nerve.

(Now is when we switch to Monday)

I am looking forward to:
a date night with Mrs. R. and her two girls tonight where I will dance and sing and embarrass myself and probably wear earplugs.
I am pondering:
how blessed our family has been through our youth baseball experience to have crossed paths with such truly good people.  Funny, sweet, supportive, loyal people . . . and well-behaved, too (I'm talking about the parents here because we have certainly been witness to some terrible behavior by parents in our experience also.)  Way to keep it classy, Eagles, Senators and Bulldogs.  That wins every time.
On my Ipod:
Third Day has a new CD coming out tomorrow and I was so excited to hear THIS cover of Morning has Broken on the radio yesterday. 
A quote for today:
"It's not a journey.  Every journey ends, but we go on.  The world turns and we turn with it.  Plans disappear, dreams take over.  But wherever I go, there you are"  - Brad Pitt (HUH?)
I am praying for:
families in New York and New Jersey struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
A verse for today:
"As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts" -Isaiah 55:9
One of my favorite things:
TWO Championships! Winning isn't everything, but it sure is fun.



A few plans for the week:
parent-teacher conferences, celebrating my baby's 8th birthday, and THIS:

A peek into my day:

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