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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ski Trip Recap: Part Two: 2013 Version

I lamented the passage of time in my post about our family ski trip here.  Truthfully, though, in addition to the blessing that women don't wear the waist band of their pants up to their arm pits anymore, there are some wonderful things about 2013.  Of course, the best is that we have added three little dudes to our posse and a gaggle of cousins and cousin's boyfriends and in-laws.  It's a big ol' mess of gifts.

Helmets are new in 2013.  Since Husband leans a tad (or completely) to the right, he tried to pretend that he wasn't going to get helmets for the kids.  My mother-in-law basically pleaded.  I pointed out that since my sister and her family have moved out to California they go skiing at Tahoe all the time and all of their cute pictures indicate that everyone is smarter now and wearing helmets. He muttered something about how they're living out there with the crazy, left wing liberals and then promptly ordered up three helmets.  On the first run with the helmet a teenager knocked Drew over and planted his skis right up against Drew's helmet.  Sometimes a left-wing conspiracy works in one's favor.

Dude, aunts and uncles and grandparents and cousins are the bomb.

Cousins who are 21 years old and are totally sick snowboarding experts have every right to go shred it up on the black slopes.  A cousin like the one above has infinite patience and enthusiasm and stayed with his little cousins all day long, stopping and starting and stopping and starting on the bunny slopes.  I'm pretty sure that a certain 8 year old boy's loving momma might have been overheard yelling something along the lines of Stop whining and cowboy up!  Get back on the board and let's get down the hill.  (Seriously, what is wrong with that woman?)  This is where our superhero cousin swoops in and saves the day, squashing the potential for multiple bouts of tears and frustration and "I QUIT". (which potentially could've occurred with the children and/or with me that nutjob woman)  YOU ROCK and we adore you, J.

This is neither a niece nor a nephew nor a child of mine.  No relation. I snuck up on her because how cute is this jacket?  If you peruse my closet you will find I have 624 striped shirts, but I do not have a striped ski jacket.  If you add the Bonnie Bell Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker that I used to have on a rope around my neck when I went skiing in Middle School,  this a fashion YES at the ski lodge, am I right?

And Boy #1 is up on the board.
And boy #2 is gettin' swaggy with it on the slopes.
And Boy #3 gets an orange helmet to match his head, so momma can find him as he zips down the mountain.
"Dad, are you going to sign up to coach this sport, too?" 
Favorite Moments:  After ski junk food with my boys and Drew demonstrating that ski-helmet-head is the new bedhead.
Swaggalicious and Cousin Emily brave the Blue Slopes on Day 2.
Is it love or is it choking?  One never knows.
A certain someone had a few mood swings during the course of learning to snowboard.  Right before lunch someone might have thrown his snowboard and shouted, "I hate snowboarding.  It's so bowing (boring?)!  All you do is get hurt!"  After hot chocolate with whipped cream and a little break someone decided this was the best trip he ever had.
That's all I've got today, folks.  The Ski Trip of 2013 was much different than the Ski Trip of 1996.  Much different and so much more full.  More full of people, more full of laughing, more full of chips and cookies and hot chocolate.  More full of lessons in patience and perseverance.  More full of  falling down, shaking off the snow and getting back up.  More full of blessings and grace and love and gifts numbering beyond the thousands.  2013 rocks. 

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