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Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Daybook: February 4, 2013

Outside my window:
it's just so darn cold.  WAAAAA.
I am thinking:
with guilt and sadness about Sundays around here.  I worked in the nursery and then we went to church.  All good, BUT.  When I was little we drove through Grandma's Fried Chicken after church and spent the rest of the day at home watching football and getting on each other's nerves.  That is not what this family did.  I spent my Sunday running around like my hair was on fire with one basketball game, four different baseball workouts and the Super Bowl.  Keeping the Sabbath?  Not so much.  We were eating in the car, changing clothes in the car and switching sports equipment from one car to another.  I basically saw my husband when we traded kids in a parking lot and from the opposite side of a gym.  Sigh.  I just don't see a way around it right now.  It seems just SO wrong.  And yet, I hop on that train every Sunday and I don't get off.
I am thankful:
Drew's little Patriots posting a W.

In the kitchen:
left over Super Bowl food and my tummy hurts.
I am listening to:
The Today Show recapping the Super Bowl.  It's possible I have pushed "rewind" on the Beyonce performance 34 times.  If you hear an ambulance later it might be because I've been singing Crazy in Love and uh-oh-uh-oh-uh-ohohohing around my kitchen.
I am wearing:
Old Navy pjs and Beyonce boots. 
I am going:
to run on the treadmill and try really hard not to alarm the neighbors by yelling at it.  Why does 5 minutes on the treadmill feel the same as an hour outside?
I am reading:
THIS article. Good stuff here.
I am wondering:
if Beyonce's neck hurts this morning.
I am looking forward to:
My mom is coming!!!!
Around the house:
looking for lamps for my family room and trying to get the last of the Christmas decor put away.
I am learning:
about how God puts people in our path for very specific reasons.  We do not find those affirming, soul-nurturing relationships by chance.  And whether we like it or not?  Those annoyingly difficult, soul-sucking relationships are not given to us without purpose either. No group is mistakenly thrown together.  No person bumps into my life by accident.  There are women who have stories to tell.  Stories of brokenness and forgiveness, of humility and redemption, of blind faith and trust.  He is constantly at work in the people around us.  He is constantly at work putting us in relationships with these people for reasons maybe only known to Him.  What I learn from that is the absolute truth of Romans 8:28.
On my Ipod:
THE BEST SONG IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE. 7 day until I hear it live.  Poor husband. I have a history of doing the superfreak on BonJovi concert night.  He has had infinite patience in the past.  Please pray for him.
A quote for today:

A verse for today:
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him who have been called according to His purpose. - Romans 8:28
I am praying:
For my friend, Jill, who lost her mom yesterday after a long illness.  Jill was an amazing example of grace, bravery, compassion and unconditional love in the face of very difficult circumstances.  You fought the good fight along with your mom, my friend.  You have shown me one of the best examples of being a mighty servant for God through your caring for your mom that I have ever witnessed.  Might you send up a prayer for my friend, friends?  Many thanks.
One of my favorite things:

A few plans for the week:

photo credit to my high school buddy, Ashley, who is quite talented at cropping heads and putting them on random women's bodies.  When she sent me this I really was trying to figure out where I got that dress.

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Bobbie said...

Running around like your hair is on fire.... ha. Oh. SOrry. I dont mean to laugh at your busy pain, but it is funny. I feel the same way most days! Im pretty sure Beyonce is laying low today.