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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Snowy Daybook: Wednesday, March 6, 2012

The internet connection has been in and out today, so it has taken all of this day to get this posted.  I had to write it in Word so the font's really small and the spacing's all weird.  Sorry.  Happy Snow Day, People!

Outside my window:
Big, fat snowflakes and two big boys shoveling the driveway.

I’m thinking:
That I have to admit that sleeping until 8:30, being in my pjs and having all my people inside snug  as bugs is pretty awesome.  Yes, Virginia, I do.  I love you and your snowstorm for today.  Just don’t get crazy and be sure to wrap this up by tomorrow.

I am thankful:
For the good Lord giving me three boys who are finally old enough to shovel snow.

I am wearing:
Navy pajamas and I will not be changing unless it’s into pink pajamas.

I am listening to:
They’re playing Michael Jackson music on Hoda and Kathie Lee.  (mamasaymamasawmamacoosaw)

In the kitchen:
I have given up sugar for the month of March and then I was begged for chocolate chip waffles this morning.  Snowstorms were not made for people who give up sugar.  I made it through breakfast without breaking.  I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength and Diet Coke.

I am going:
Probably to tackle some shoveling.  It actually can be quite peaceful and therapeutic to scrape straight, methodical lines along the driveway.  I’ll save my turn to escape for later in the day when the “too much togetherness” sets in among the inmates.

I am pondering:
Beth Moore’s teaching regarding a Christian’s reaction to our cold, mean world.  She says “It’s tough to be a woman in a mean world.  It’s even tougher not to get mean with it.  In a mean world, New Testament believers are called to a good fight.  We are not meant to be victims of our mean world.  We DO get to fight.  But we don’t want to turn cold and mean with the world.  Sometimes just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.  Do I fight the fight like Christ would fight it?”

A quote for today:
Also from my Beth Moore study of Esther:  When, because of your faith, your life too becomes perceptibly different;  when your reactions are quite opposite to what the situation seems to call for and your activities can no longer be explained in terms of your personality that is when your neighborhood will sit up and take notice.  In the eyes of the world, it is not our relationship with Jesus Christ that counts, it is our resemblance to Him.” – Ray Stedman in The Queen and I, quoted by Chuck Swindoll

How powerful is that?  People in the world don’t care about our relationship with Christ.  Our relationship, as it should be, is of utmost importance to us, personally.  But what people will notice is not our talk of our relationship, but how our actions resemble Him.  I can study and write and talk all day about Jesus.  Do I fight the fight like Him?  Do I love my world like Him?  Do I offer my other cheek like Him?  I could think all day on this quote.  But perhaps, I should act on it.

I am wondering:
If my husband will be able to get a flight home from Dallas tonight.  He so loves a snowstorm.  He deserves to be here.

I am reading:
The last chapter of Esther and lots and lots of picture books from our new library!

I am learning:
How very, very much my God loves me and how very, very much He believes in me.  How can we be so hard on ourselves and doubt ourselves when He has called us HIS OWN?  Come on, people!

A verse for today:
“And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power together with all the saints, to grasp how long and high and wide and deep is the love of Christ.” –Ephesians 3:17-18

I am looking forward to:
Our fearless leaders/basketball coaches finagled a way to keep the season going for a couple of more weeks by entering some of our 8th graders into a one weekend tournament next weekend.  And the party never ends! :)

On my Ipod:
My adopted home state of Virginia needs some love after I gushed about Texas last week.  I heard, Oh Virginia, this song, by Blessed Union of Souls.  Love you, Virginia.  Love the people and the life you’ve brought me.  Love the snow today.  Just makes sure it’s outta here by the time I have to sit at a baseball field, kay?

One of my favorite things:
The pizza man who delivers in the snow.  Praise God from whom all blessings and pepperonis flow.

A few plans for the week:
More basketball practices and baseball practice begins in earnest as the first baseball tournament of the season kicks off in Richmond this weekend.  We'll split into two cars to divide and conquer.  I will consider putting out an ad for a sister-wife.  (Just kidding.  Is that a joke that crosses the line?  Sorry.)

A peek into my day:
Snow day hot chocolate brought to you by the Republican Party.  Perhaps it's time for the Skinners to purchase new mugs? 

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