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Monday, March 4, 2013

Winter Sorta Kinda Barely Lovin': Basketball Love

It's a Daybook day.  But I'm tired and cold and I'm only thinking and wondering about one thing and that is:  WHEN IS WINTER GOING TO LEAVE ME? 

It is March.  March brings Spring to mind for a Texan.  It's not Spring.  It's 37 degrees.  And on Wednesday we are expecting something like 12 inches of snow, depending on who you ask.  My kids are breathless with excitement.  I literally cried - tears - after running to the car from the grocery store because the wind was so cold.  Yes, I am a GIGANTIC baby.  I considered not leaving the house today because I'm so cold, but I discovered that we were out of Diet Coke.  I considered calling Domino's to order Diet Coke and only, Diet Coke for delivery.  I considered how pathetic that is I am.

And I really have been trying to write a Winter Lovin' post.  And Joe keeps asking me to write a post about Basketball and why I love it so.  And I realized that that's the one thing that I know that I love about winter:


We are a baseball family with a lot of basketball stuck in the middle.  I wrote last week about how I hated to see Joe's final season come to an end.  It ended on Saturday night with a League Championship.  And it was great and I cried  - tears.  Then I spent most of this cold day looking up and compiling these photos from years of playing with the same Coach and same kids.  My house is a mess.  My laundry isn't done.  Dinner isn't made. 

I had all the photos picked out and then I read this.  I cried again - tears. (Might need to check the calendar and see which day of the month it is, perhaps?) 

Elizabeth wrapped up the season well.  I can't write better than that and her photos are so much better and if you visit her blog, you'll get a recipe for real food.  And we all know that doesn't happen here much ever.

I feel very blessed to have met her and her family.  They are warmth and fun in the midst of the cold winter.  The combinations of her people and my people have been many.  Joe playing with Stephen for Christian.  Joe playing with Nick and Stephen for Christian and Steve.  Kyle playing with Nick for Christian.  Steve coaching with Christian.  Drew coaching with Christian.  (Seriously, I have proof.)

So here's a post full of pictures of Basketball Seasons which have come and gone.  It may be just for Elizabeth and me and that's okay.  If anyone else enjoys it, then that's a bonus.

2007 - 2nd Grade Patriots
Drew commented that the kids look the same except he thinks maybe Christian doesn't have that scrape on his knee anymore.

2010 - 5th Grade Patriots Warm Up
2010 - Sibling Fans
2010 - 5th Grade Patriots Champs

2011 - Nick and Kyle - 5th Grade Travel Team
2010 - Christian calls up Drew as his Assistant- 3/4 AllStar Game
2013 - Drew becomes busy with his own career, so Steve joins Christian as Coach
2013 - Joe & Stephen Teammates
2013 - 7/8 Grade Champions
Good-bye, Patriots.  Thanks for the memories!


Elizabeth Foss said...

Oh, my goodness! This is so awesome:-). They were babies! Even Christian was a baby...Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Look at the shirt JT is wearing in the 5th grade picture. Then look at my post again. Yeah, he's not superstitious either;-)

Jenn said...

That's so funny! I think the photo of JT at the scorer's table is one of my favorites. Our boys WERE babies and to think, Sarah wasn't even here yet when they started out, right?! I think Stephen has changed the most. Oh my heart.