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Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Daybook Which Started Sunday: April 22, 2013

Outside my window:
is the parking lot of a Starbucks in Wheaton, Maryland.  I'm becoming quite familiar with various Starbucks establishments in my region as I wait the hour and half warm-up time before Joe's games begin.
I am thinking:
that I should probably skip attending the games when my 14 year old is the umpire. I have decided that the stress the mom of the pitcher feels ain't got nothin' on the stress the mom of the umpire feels.  In any case, I am also thinking that my son is learning much more than the rules of baseball from umping.
I am thankful:
for the brave men and women in law enforcement and for my country and its good, decent, heroic people.
I am listening to:
a Van Morrison song that Starbucks is playing and lots of coffee being ordered.
I am wearing:
boots, jeans, long-sleeve navy and white striped shirt.  I'll be wrapping in a blanket out there.  It's cold again.
In the kitchen:
there is no one to be found.  All Skinners are headed to the different baseball fields today.
I am going:
to try this again, maybe?  My tummy hurts.  Like really, really hurts.  The schedule is killing me and I can't eat on the run anymore.  I need good for me stuff even if it tastes disgusting.  I'm desperate.
I am hoping:
that this unity and celebration that our country felt along with our relief Friday night will continue and that we will all look each other in the eye and lift each other up.  I know I can work on this.  Honestly, sometimes I think I write a good game and then I get that to-do list each morning and power through it with my head down like a bull in a china shop rarely looking around at all of the people, who if I might try, could become MY people.  At the top of the list this week:  Just love the people. ALL of the people.
I am reading:
Finished the The Language of Flowers!  Very good.  I just ordered Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Melton and Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.  I started Falling Together by Marisa de los Santos last night.
Drew is wondering:
if the Watertown family who owned the boat in which the bad guy was hiding will be getting a new boat.  He has asked me this question about five times since Friday night.  I am watching closely for signs of anxiety in my children;  hoping they have not been exposed to too much of the Boston tragedy.  So far, Drew is soldiering on and will not bow down to terrorism.  He will go to school, play outside and continue to love his friends and his country with no worries, but he is greatly concerned that those nice folks in Watertown be given a new boat.  Aren't eight year olds awesome?  Little Martin Richard was eight, too, and I'm positive he was equally as awesome. Sending prayers up for Martin's family. 
I am pondering:
food, diet, schedule, meals and why my tummy hurts all the time.  Is it gluten?  Is it dairy? Is it my schedule?  Is it . . . don't say it . . .Diet Coke?
I am looking forward to:
a coffee date with a buddy tomorrow.
I am praying:
continuing last week's prayers for Boston and a grieving family, for recovery and peace to the sweet town of West, Texas and that God would help me be intentional and present.
On my Ipod:
Hold My Heart by Tenth Avenue North
A quote for today:
"Look at him.  He's wearing leaves.  I bet that cost like 50 cents." - Fashion Expert Drew Skinner on LeBron's postgame attire

A verse for today: 
"The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love." - Galatians 5:6b
One of my favorite things:
Love for Texas

A few plans for the week:
doctor's appointments, a much needed car wash, baseball practices and games, Bible studying, flower planting and dear God, please no need to watch the news at all?  Please . . . a regular, boring, week?  I'll take it.
A peek into my day:
Lots of laundry and from the piles I sorted early this morning it looks like the Skinner boys pulled out every piece of Boston love from their closets that they could find last week.


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Anonymous said...

Through my obsessive need to watch the week's Boston coverage, I can answer Drew's boat question. The vessel is not seaworthy, bullet holes. There is a group of Watertown neighbors who are trying to raise $ for the gentleman who owns it, to replace it. Given the generous spirit of the community, and people following the story, I'm guessing he will be able to get a new boat. Wonder what he'll name her....
Mrs. C. from Beantown