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Thursday, September 19, 2013

What's my name again?

My mom called yesterday to say she was a little worried about me because I hadn't been writing.  She knows, like I know, that writing keeps me going and empties out my worries and stress and fills me up with peace. There's been a lot since school started.  Just A LOT.  I have five posts started and five posts stopped for various reasons.

The thing is that there has been loads of writing going on here.  Much of it is insightful and inspiring poetry that is similar to the following:

Email 1-5:  Hi, Girls.  Tuesday I'll take the boys and pick them up:  Never mind. I'll take the boys and Karen will pick them up because she has to pass out uniforms.  I can't wait to see how many Kyles can fit into the pants that I ordered.  I'm going with 3 Kyles.  Never mind, Karen driving both ways.

Email 6-15:  Hi, Other Girls.  Jenn will take two boys to Kandy's on Wednesday and Kandy takes the boys to the game.  Adrienne picks them up.  Never mind.  Kandy picks everybody up and takes them to the game and then goes to Back to School Night.  Steve heads to the game after Drew's practice and brings everyone home.  We'll switch cars.  Never mind.  Kandy will leave Back to School night early to get her boys.  Steve has the other two.

Email 16:  I can't remember who is doing what tonight?  What's my name again?

Email 17-25:  On Wednesday Jenn will pick all four boys up at school.  Regena will pick up Subway for everyone and meet Jenn at her house with the food and her kid's stuff. Tell Regena what your kid wants to eat.  Don't forget to tell the Subway gal to use a clean knife on the one with turkey, cheese, lettuce, pickles and mustard or that one will turn into an anaphylaxis sandwich of death.  Be sure to drop your kid's bat bag at Jenn's house.

Email 26:  AND THE UNIFORM!  Don't forget cleats.  Are all the boys epipen trained???

Email 27-30:  Here's Jenn's garage code for dropping off the bat bags.  At least I think that's the code.  If that's not right, I'm sure the kids didn't lock the door to the screened-in porch when I told them to, so go there.  Jenn will collect the Back to School night schedules.  Jenn will take boys to the game and they'll leave crumbs and Subway wrappers all over her car. Somebody's husband will bring them home - HOPEFULLY ONE OF US HAS A WEDDING PICTURE WITH SAID HUSBAND. 

Email 31:  PS.  If you make it into the garage, be sure to hold your breath because I think there is some sort of science experiment going on in the trash can.  Feel free to steal the Margarita Wine Cooler from the back of the garage fridge - it's been there since 2010. 

Email 32:  Switch Jenn and Regena's name in all previous emails regarding Wednesday.

Email 33:  If everyone is still breathing, Jacqui will pick all of us up and drive us to Back to School night.  I hope Jacqui knows how to get to the school because I still can't even remember my own name. 


There you have it, folks.  Very inspiring, very deep, very insightful.  I think it's pretty much God breathed, don't you?

No, it's not.  But I found some stuff that definitely is for you few folks who took a hard left into crazytown with me and stayed until the end here.  I've got some really good links for you.

Unfortunately, all my emails and communications with Husband have looked like the above this week.  You, too?  I think this is a very important read for those of us who've been married awhile.

Also, in the midst of all these emails and trying to remember my own name, I've been praying like mad for quite a few folks who are suffering deeply.  And because of those folks and then on the heels of the Navy Yard shooting, I am wrestling with the question I'm asked often.  WHY DOES GOD ALLOW PAIN AND SUFFERING?  I don't know what to say or to write about suffering most days.  I don't know the answer.  Jen Hatmaker writes beautifully about this question here.

Reading Jen Hatmaker's article made me realize that in the midst of terrible suffering or even just in the midst of email/carpool madness, it's really okay if I am so overwhelmed that I can't even remember my own name.  There is really only one thing I must remember today.

"Yet to all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God."  - John 1:12

I am a child of God.  He loves me.  ME.  Scatter-brained, flaky, superfreaking-out ME.  I belong to Him.  That's all I need to know today. That's all we all need to know.  But I still might go take a glance at my checkbook, just to jog my memory.

Be well today, people. :)

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