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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter (Not Really) Lovin': 2014 Edition

Well, well, well.  As I am starting this post, our darling weather man says there will be freezing rain tonight and they have already cancelled basketball practices and flights out of our airport.

In my very best Tami Taylor voice, this is what I have to say to that:


I suppose that means it's time to list all the wonderful things I love about the Winter that will not quit.  I'm going to try.  Dig deep, people.  Some of these items might be a stretch.

OK.  Here goes. 

Um.  Ok.  Winter.  Uh.

A Sweater . . . ?
Duh.  Look, I'm trying.  I have mentioned previously that I have issues with most sweaters because they make me itch if they are anything but 100% cotton, which is, I realize, the ultimate in First World problems, but still bummer.  Right now is a great time to get a few new sweaters if they don't give you hives because there are some really cute ones on sale although sizes on sale items are pretty limited.  I have seen quite a few "baseball tee" type sweaters and I think they are adorable. Here are a few I like.

I think this is the cutest thing. The one above is from South Moon Under.  It's final sale with only a few sizes left, but maybe you'll get lucky.  This one from Gap is similar and has more sizes to choose from.  I love the orange in  The Flicker Flame Sweater below from Anthropologie and it's on sale, but again, not many sizes left.

Next, it would seem appropriate to list:

A Coat
The APEX by North Face jacket is what I got for my birthday to wear on our ski trip to Wintergreen.  I love it in the white here at Nordstrom where it's on sale.  Husband got me the orange one which I also love, mainly because if I was to face plant in the snow, the dudes on the ski mobiles would more easily find me in the orange.  You've got to be pretty confident of your gnarly moves to wear that white one.

I also love a toggle coat.  Here's one from JCREW.  It's not at all on sale, but this winter appears to be going no where, so maybe it's worth the investment.

THIS ONE from Nordstrom is a crazy good price in limited sizes.  THIS ONE has more sizes available. 

A Cute Coffee/Tea/Or Diet Coke Mug
Coffee is essential every day but especially on a freezing cold day.  And it is so much more fun to drink your coffee out of your own cute mug. My sister-in-law gave me one of these adorable monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie.  How cute is the Q one?  And how sad is it that Queen Latifah and I are not best friends so I can give her one for her birthday?

I have sung the praises of basketball season many times here on my baseball mama blog.  I love watching my boys play basketball.  I love the fast pace of basketball.  I love being close up to see the constant running, the hard breathing, the facial expressions and the getting after it -ness.  I also appreciate the lessons in restraint the game teaches me.  My husband is calmer than the average corpse when he coaches basketball.  I, on the other hand, might look quite calm on the outside, but I have to take myself to the corner sometimes to avoid getting a technical foul because with all those fans and those coaches all closed up in one space and right there next to you, some times it takes a big ol' dose of the presence of the Holy Spirit to keep me from doing this:
BONUS:  This basketball season THE TEXAS LONGHORNS ARE ON A SEVEN GAME WINNING STREAK, which happens to be one less than the number of snow days we have had this year.  HOOK 'EM HORNS.

Indoor Board Games
For snow days, I really try to get everyone to play board games and it can be a challenge.  I can't imagine why, except that, well, I RULE at board games and I suppose that can be intimidating and quite possibly, annoying.  My favorite is Last Word.  I can't imagine why Husband doesn't want to play a game called Last Word with me.  I'm perplexed.

Chicken Noodle Soup from Costco
I was going to attempt to make homemade soup, but, um, no.  This stuff is made with their rotisserie chicken and it is so good.
Harry Connick, Jr.
What does he have to do with winter?  Well, the new American Idol season started January 15th which is the middle of winter, so there.  This man.  Y'all.  He is so charming and funny and adorable that I  And he's been married to that unbelievably beautiful Victoria Secret's model forever.  And he has three girls and seems like a really great dad.  Did you see when he danced with the guy singing Stand By Me?  He is a dream. 

Well, that'll be it, I guess.  Any old time Winter wants to take off, I'll be hosting the parade, but until that time I've got to go eat some soup and watch HCJr.

Happy Snow Days, Friends.

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