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Monday, March 24, 2014

Late Sunday/Early Monday Daybook: March 23/24, 2014

Outside my window:
The weather seems to need some mood stabilizing medication because there is clearly some sort of bi-polar disorder happening outside my window.  Yesterday I watched baseball in 67 degree weather.  Today I watched baseball in 43 degree weather.  Tuesday it's supposed to snow.
I am thinking:
that I have never needed a pedicure so desperately in all my life.
I am thankful:
that God will relentlessly seek me out when I have neglected to seek Him.  I have been running around like my hair's on fire all week, but He will follow me and find me through a sermon on the radio as I drive to a faraway tournament in the early hours of a Saturday morning or a song played at exactly the time that I think I am going to hyperventilate if I hit more traffic or through a week old email that I missed and found at exactly the right moment.  An email titled "Someone Loves You".  He does.  I am undeserving and I am thankful.
In the kitchen:
there are lots of dirty water bottles and baseball pants soaking in the sink in Oxyclean.  'Tis the season.
I am wearing:
a Texas Longhorn sweatshirt and jeans.  I have just recently shed the blanket, hat and gloves I had on to watch one of our first "spring" baseball tournaments.
I am listening to:
the squeak of college basketball players' shoes coming from the TV and my boys equally complaining/cheering their bracket busts/successes.
I am going:
to the clinic this week dressed in my Thing 2 shirt, with Thing 1(my fellow Kyle's Kamp friend, Randi) to celebrate a late Dr. Seuss Day at the clinic with pediatric cancer patients and some wonderful nurses, doctors and therapists.
I am reading:
I'm trying to finish or honestly, to get started with Wild by Cheryl Strayed for my Book Club.  I'm having trouble reading at night because I'm falling asleep a few paragraphs in.  This is not a reflection of the book, it is a reflection of me collapsing into the bed at night.
I am hoping:
that when I take a little glance at the schedule this week there will be less of this:  "OH MY GOSH!  HOW ARE WE GOING TO PULL THIS OFF? IS THIS FAMILY COMPLETELY INSANE???" and more of this:   "I totally have a handle on my life.  This week looks like such fun.  I cannot be defeated."
I am looking forward to:
the day that Joe can drive.
I am learning:
that a compliment should just be a compliment.  There doesn't need to be an opposite negative statement to emphasize the compliment.  A putting down of one person doesn't make the building up of another person more powerful.  Just stop at the building up.  Skip the putting down.
I am praying:
for calm, for perspective and for remembering that I really don't have to know everything because He knows and He always knows better than me.
A verse for today:
"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11
On my Ipod:
After our 4th baseball game of the weekend, I hustled to the car, wrapped in a blanket and shoved my hands up to the vents blasting the heater on my frozen fingers.  I did move them away from the vents only to crank up THIS SONG.  My boys are all about country music right now and I am all about dreaming of beachin'.
I am wondering:
if I can figure out how to feed my people today without going to the grocery store.
I am pondering:
life before google.  These are the things the lovely and talented Mrs. C. and I googled this weekend while we "watched" baseball: James at 15(oh, where have you gone, Lance Kerwin?), Leif Garrett singing I Was Made for Dancing (really, who wasn't, Leif?), Skyward (the directorial debut of Richie Cunnigham filmed in my hometown) and this one which has been haunting Mrs. C. and me for a few weeks:  "TV movie about religious cults starring Jimmy and Kristi McNichol)  I'm telling you if Mrs. C. and I could use our pondering powers for good rather than 70s/80s pop culture, we could save the world.
A quote for today:
I have been completely overwhelmed with everything this week and unable to find writing time.  When I can't find time to write, I find that my mind is all jumbled up and scattered (at least more than it normally is, which SCARY)  I have found that this results in an inability to feel like myself.  I thought I was a real freak show, but then I saw this:

I might be a freak show, but there are other freak shows out there, too.  Isn't it great when you realize that?
One of my favorite things:
watching them play - whether I am traveling to Baltimore or DC or all manner of places in Northern Virginia, but especially when one finally gets to take the field five minutes away for the hometown team.

A few plans for the week:
a lot of baseball if the snow holds off, some basketball, reading about Cats in Hats and Red Fish and Blue Fish with some little fighters at the clinic.
A peek into my day: 
grocery stock up, a run on the treadmill, laundry consisting of mostly uniforms and catching up on Olivia, Fitz, Jake and the gang.

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