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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Running Toward Restoration

I texted my sister a very important question yesterday morning and when she called me back one of the first things she said was that I appear to be waaayyyy stressed out. My text was rather urgent because she had recommended a certain foundation and I needed to know what shade I should buy because I had a coupon that was going to expire within hours.  These are things that tend to stress me out.  Last week it seemed that everything in my life was about to expire.  But, she didn't seem concerned about my text.  She said that I should be aware that people who read my Daybook post yesterday would be concerned that I was teetering on the edge and doing the Superfreak. Which might be because I am teetering on the edge and doing the Superfreak.

To clarify, no one needs to send in a team of doctors, psychologists and counselors quite yet.  After spending a blissful day with nothing on the schedule surrounded only by my laundry, the Today Show and the aisles of CVS, I am feeling much calmer.  And I remembered what I've always known:  I only need Jesus.

Jesus in a mini-van with a driver's license would be even better, but let's not get greedy.

All of my stress is self-induced, first world, suburban mama mania and is really no big deal.  Especially in light of Russia, missing Malaysian airliners, mudslides, and obviously the whole debacle concerning the Kanye/Kim cover of Vogue.

Things are tough all over.  I don't have a corner on the stress market.

But we live where we live and we do what we do and we bear what we bear and sometimes we don't bear up so well and need to take a step back.  I know I'm not the only one who gets stressed out by the day to day of running a family.  I know that I need to get some perspective and chill out. And I know that there are women like me all over who need that as well.  That's why I am so grateful to have found an email in my inbox from last week.  An email with login information on The Restore Workshop created by my friend, Elizabeth.

The Restore Workshop is a six week online course geared towards adult women who have struggled or are struggling with or want to avoid burnout. It is for any woman who wants to nurture joy within her life and the lives of those around her.

Perhaps one might find it funny or coincidental or interesting that I stumbled on this email that I had missed while in a semi-superfreakish search for an email regarding a place and a time that I needed to be somewhere that I didn't have the time to be.  I don't find it any of those things.  I find it to be Jesus, but that's how I roll.  The subject line of the text said "Someone Loves You" and the first day's verse was this:

Now, I have looked into the face of suffering of late.  The fact that I have to manage getting from a basketball game in one city to a baseball game in another city in record time and be sure that someone didn't grab his brother's cleats instead of his own ain't suffering.  But we are all doing what we can and we are all in danger of burning out and missing the restoration He offers us daily.

Elizabeth's workshop might just be the ticket to that restoration.  I am behind already, but I'm starting today.  The workshop will be left up online until the end of May because I think my friend knows we might need a little extra time to become fully restored.   Perhaps you need a little extra time, too?

My coupon will expire and at as some point, this life will expire.  I don't want to miss the blessings He has for me while my coupon is still valid.  He might not have shown up in a minivan, but He met me where I was and showed up in my inbox.

Need to meet up with Him, too?  Register HERE.

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