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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Daybook Postponed

Today I wanted to write a Daybook.  I want to write about how in the kitchen I have country style pork ribs in the crockpot because they were on sale.  I want to tell you that I'm wearing the cutest wedge heels that I ordered from Zappos.  I'm afraid you might have had enough of sick kids and fundraising and sadness.

But then I wouldn't be honestly writing about what I'm thinking and hoping and pondering and praying.

We are four days from the Kyle's Kamp Memorial Wood Bat Tournament.  We are in a frenetic fundraising push.  At the office we are watching the numbers go up, but we . . .well, frankly, we never think they're going up enough.  We have people checking and refreshing the page and taking guesses at what our total will be.  We gasp and giggle at the way the numbers change in a matter of hours, of minutes.

So today, yet again,  I am thinking of, I am hoping for, I am wondering about, I am praying for these children who will benefit from these numbers.  After this week, I will get back to writing a little more often about my kids' sports adventures or the mountain of laundry I have or the cute things I want to wear for Spring.

But today, I realize that through my volunteering with this organization, I will surely attend some funerals. So, no matter how redundant I may become, I will shamelessly write about and post photos of children in hopes that I will have made every single effort and every last minute plea to get every last dollar that a researcher at Children's National Medical Center might need to create a treatment that might have me attend one less funeral for a child.

Thinking, wondering, praying, hoping for so many that have left, so many that remain and unfortunately, unnamed many to come.










I'm thinking and praying and hoping for all of those above and so many more.  Chris, Connor, Danny, Vincent, Shayla, Sadie Mae, Ellie, Whitney, Ben, Carter, Emily, Mary Anne, Carson, Trevor, Dashia . . . too many to name.

Lastly, this week I will type and post and share until my fingers cramp for these four.

Steve, Joe, Kyle and Drew Skinner

So that they might not know the struggle of the ones pictured above them.  So that my husband might not have to experience what the fathers of those children have had to endure.  So that their friends might not have to take the ball field without a teammate. So that they might not have to play video games with their brother in a hospital bed.  So that they might not have to tell their baby girl that she is named for someone she will never meet.  Until my fingers cramp, I'll keep on writing and asking, shamelessly, for them.

There are thousands of pediatric cancer organizations out there.  There are thousands of other deserving causes out there. Thousands.  I hope if you are reading this that you have chosen one. And if you haven't, GO HERE

And if you don't want to donate to my son's fundraising page, just donate anywhere.  Anywhere at all.

Do it for the kids in the photos here.  Or do it for the kids in the photos in your living room. 

Many, many blessings to you and yours, friends.

NEXT WEEK:  The CUTEST dress I found at Anthropologie.  I promise.

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