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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Lovin' 2014: We're in the Thick of It


My deepest and sincerest apologies because I know that tens of thousands of you (or three bored friends of mine, maybe) have been on pins and needles waiting for the Summer Lovin' 2014 post.

I haven't been writing much lately because I've been watching a lot of Netflix and Tami Taylor which has kept me from blogging or doing anything else really except trying to figure out how to get a pair of Aviator sunglasses to look good on me like Tami's do.


And, honestly, it's been really fun, but the boys who live in my house are not as interested as I am in shopping for summer sandals and nail polish and sunscreen that doesn't clog pores.  It's a mystery, I know.

In any event, we are well into July and I do have to say that Washington DC has been very kind to the tourists and to those of us who reside in and around your nation's usually humid, sticky capital.  It's been positively bearable and lovely, so I kinda forgot it was summer.

So now, the torturous wait is over.  Here we go with some of the things I'm lovin' about Summer 2014.

The Maxi Dress/Skirt 
I was certain when this trend came out that it was not for a short girl like myself.  Perhaps, you are thinking, "You were right, shorty."  Please don't rain on my maxi dress parade because I'm a fan.  Especially, when one is going to a summer BBQ and eating one's weight in ribs and potato salad because the key to the maxi dress is that it be flowy and stretchy.  My friend, Randi, wore THIS ONE FROM OLD NAVY  last week and it is adorable.  Plus, Old Navy has been flooding my inbox screaming about sales and since Old Navy is cheap anyway, it seems to me you might be able to get this for just about nothing.

I also like THIS from South Moon Under(Note: I haven't seen this in person and it could be problematic because it looks a little bit transparent online.)

I also like this one from Ann Taylor which comes in blue and black, too.

Denim Boyfriend Shorts.
I wondered if perhaps inching in on the latter part of my forties meant that I was too old for these, especially because my boyfriend and I have been married for almost 20 years.  Perhaps you're thinking, "You were right, Grandma."  But again, please don't rain on my denim boyfriend shorts parade because I love these.  They are comfortable and cute and perfect for throwing on just about every day.  And again, I'm certain with some code and free shipping, they'll likely cost you about a dollar.

Sandals with a Toe Loop
I know this is kind of random but I have never had a sandal with a toe loop. I'm concerned about the toe loop being too loose or too tight and what does that mean to actually being able to walk around. These are the things that keep me up at night.  And honestly, I haven't even tried any on, but I keep picturing Jack Nicholson yelling, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TOE LOOP!" at me whenever I think about ordering them.  If I could handle the toe loop, I'd get THESE from Anthropologie. 

 Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunscreen
If your kids are like mine, they act like you have just suggested that you need to put forks in their eyes when you mention drying off and reapplying sunscreen.  I would guess a mommy came up with this stuff and it's brilliant.

Fun Summer Toes
I am very conservative usually when it comes to pedicures and manicures, but I went completely insane and got blue toes this summer.  I know, it's like you don't even know who I am anymore.  Before you know it, I'll wear a shirt without stripes.  I like Keeping Suzi at Bay from OPI.

Binge Watching All Episodes of Friday Night Lights
I finally decided that it was time to introduce Coach Eric Taylor and the one and only, wise and wonderful, Tami Taylor, to my older boys this summer.  If you want a synopsis of what the Taylors teach us GO HERE.  The boys and I are more than a little sucked in to Season 1 and even watched four episodes in a row one night when Drew was at a sleepover.   If you are among the ten people who haven't seen this show, I have three things to say. 

A.  What in the world is the matter with y'all?
B.  You are the luckiest people in all the world because you can start now.  Netflix will start you from the beginning and take you to the end, when I must warn you that you will cry your eyes out because life is barely worth living without Coach Taylor. (Not that he dies or anything.  Oh my word, the thought of it.  Shudder.)
C.  If you watch with your teenagers, Tim Riggins, God love him, will instigate many deep conversations about inappropriate choices and consequences.  So just be ready.

A Perfect Summer Song:
Last year it was Justin Timberlake's Mirrors and this year, being that I don't know who I am anymore, my new favorite summer song is a country song.  The boys have me listening to The Highway on XM radio. American Kids by Kenny Chesney makes me so happy and reminds me of all those great American Kids I grew up with in Texas.  Sting 'Em Jackets.

Last but not least, my personal favorite thing about summer:

Little League AllStars
In the great name of the "Queen of all Coach's Wives", Tami Taylor, I must wish my friends and their little ball players the very best, as many of them are on their way to Grundy, Virginia as I type, so that our Loudoun South 10 year old AllStars can try to win a State Championship.  Mommies, Y'ALL ARE ALL DELIGHT MACHINES.  It is taking everything I have to not jump in my car and come watch with you.  (Well, not everything.  Seven hours is quite a road trip.)

We are cheering and praying and hoping for the boys to bring home the trophy and I really believe this is the year. 

A personal note to Mrs. Coach L:  You are Tami Taylor in the flesh, girl.  Just as long as the 49ers aren't playing and there aren't any vases around to be accidentally broken at the ballpark, you'll be a-ok. 

A personal note to Mrs. Coach Mac:  If the timing is appropriate, I cannot lie . . . there's a small  part of me that hopes you get a chance to "go Italian" on someone.  You are one of my very favorite mamas to sit next to in those bleachers and I wish I could be there to high five you.

A personal note to the rest of you, Loudoun South Little League peeps:  Please keep your Iphones handy and update, update, update.  We love you!


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