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Monday, November 30, 2015

I've Fallen Into Cyber Monday and I Can't Get Up

Well, y'all.

You might be surprised to know that I have never shopped on Black Friday in my entire life.  Usually we still are hanging out with family and I am too full of all the things to move to the car much less stand in a line full of shoppers.

Cyber Monday seems more my speed.  Especially because I'm suffering from a serious People
Hangover.  I so enjoyed my time with my family, but it sure was a whole lot of togetherness.  A WHOLE LOT.  I really don't feel like speaking a word to anyone today, so sitting in front of the computer to do some Christmas shopping sounds like a lot of fun.

If I had forgotten it was Cyber Monday, it didn't take long to be reminded when I sat here at my laptop at 6:00 am.  Once I logged onto my email, my inbox just about burst into flames with all the deals.

My email from JCrew proved that those folks pulled out a thesaurus and used every superlative they could find to describe their sale.  It's like eleventy million percent off today.  The Nordstrom email is offering so many deals it might make me cry.  The one from Loft says they are offering 50% off and free shipping on everything. If you're like me - covered in boy people - your email from Dick's Sporting Goods can pretty much take care of your whole darn gift list because they are offering 25% off and free shipping today.

But let's just focus here.  Finally, I opened the email from my favorite place in all the land and I thought,

Well, Anthropologie has lost its ever lovin' mind.

(Although, after further review - i.e. a cup of coffee and careful reading of ALL THE WORDS in the sentence - it appears that Anthropologie has kept a portion of its mind.)

But today, The View From Behind Home Plate will focus on Anthropologie.  Because it's fun. And all the boy people are gone.  And it's quiet and maybe you need to get something for all your girl people.  Or maybe just a little something for the girl person that you are because YOU ARE AWESOME. You may copy and paste this and send it to your husband now.

(Or maybe save money and don't fall for all this malarkey.  These sales are not the boss of you.  We absolutely do not have to buy a darn thing today.  We all have enough.  Amen.)

Also, I don't get paid for featuring any of these things.  But it's only because I haven't figured out how to do that yet. ;-)   Plus, I'm pretty sure I might have offended the Anthropologie people last year when I made fun of their catalog. 

But that store still has might heart.  Because look at these sale items.

I think these are really cool earrings.  They'd make a great gift for a friend or sister.  Or a wife.  Or a blogger.

I think these earrings are gorgeous.  I'm not sure I can wear such elaborate earrings though.  I try to wear statement pieces like this but I always feel like they enter the room before I do.  Like if I was going to a party they would be all, "Hi, I'm Jenn's earrings.  Nice to meet you.  She'll be here any minute."  But if I wanted my earrings to introduce themselves before me, I'd pick these.

This scarf is beautiful.  Mom, Sister, Cousin, Wife, Best Friend.  She'll love you even more than she already did.  (Not true. She'll love you anyway.)

Ok, technically this skirt is on sale.  Like waaayyy on sale.  But, it also is still waaayyy expensive. But, it is very pretty.  And expensive. Way.

I love candles, but have found that you really get what you pay for.  I have bought countless candles that smell great when I open them up in the store, but I can't smell them at all when I burn them in my house.  Candles from Anthropologie do not disappoint and these are on sale.  They'd make a great hostess gift.

The following items are not on sale.  I had picked these out when I originally started this post and thought that Anthropologie had fallen down and hit its head and was offering 25% off of everything.  Later, I read the full sentence and realized that they are offering 25% off  sale items. You can, however, get free shipping today on everything and there is no maximum purchase to qualify.

This has my name written all over it.  So much so that I already have two different long grey and white striped cardigan sweaters, so I wouldn't be able to justify a third.  I do think this whole outfit is perfection though.

Well, this is just simply lovely.  Someone needs this for a holiday party.

This is not on sale.  AT ALL.  My husband would laugh really hard if I sent him this link and then he would just go back to surfing the internet for information on the Celtics and Red Sox.  This, however, is just so beautiful that it makes me gasp.  If you buy this you should wear it every day.  And sleep in it, too.

I'm not sure you are aware but I love to write stuff down.  This journal is such a great gift.  It has a question a day to prompt your journaling and would be so fun to have to look back on years later.

I have a really hard time spending big money on pjs because I think Old Navy does a bang up job with theirs for much less, but these are adorable.  I think I've mentioned a time or twelve how much I love the plaid trend and these would be the perfect Christmas morning pjs.

Well, that's it.  If you can just say no to Cyber Monday, you are my hero.  If you can't, well get to shopping today, friends.

Happy Day!!!


Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

I spent a little too much yesterday, that's for sure. For someone who hates the mall, cyber Monday is the way to go!

Jenn said...

Meeee, toooo!!! Way too much. Wasn't it the most perfect day for shopping on the sofa inside yesterday in Virginia? So thrilled to see the news is all good on the baby today. xoxo