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Friday, January 29, 2016

5 Things on a Friday (If in fact, it is Friday. I can't be sure.)

Hi, Friends.

Happy Friday!  (I think)

I'm really late with 5 Things on a Friday because honestly, I'm not exactly sure what day it is. I've driven my car exactly twice in a week which is also the same number of times I wore makeup and something other than pjs and/or sweats in a week. My kids have been here all week. My husband was here for most of the week. It was just all jacked up a wonderful week of family togetherness, laughter and love.

Anyway, I did try to focus on some things besides snow this week, although it was hard because we couldn't stop talking about the Blizzard of 2016 here in the DC area. The storm really was everything it was forecasted to be though. I'll tell you, it was somethin' else.

Anyway, we are thawing out, so here are 5 of my favorite things of the week.

1. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber
I can't get enough of this song and I love the video. I don't care what the haters say about the Biebs. I can't help it. I'm a belieber. Do y'all remember when I went to see Justin in concert with Nancy and her girls back in 2012? Oh, the screaming. Oh, the purple. Oh, the baby, baby, baby, ooohhh. Oh, the absolute, perfect joy.

2. Crazy Feta Recipe
I might have mentioned Cava Grill here before, but if I haven't, my deepest apologies. Cava Grill is my very favorite place for lunch lately. There are new locations popping up all over our area now and if you live around these parts, you must go. One of the best things on the menu is the Crazy Feta which is one of a handful of dip/spreads you can choose to have them plop on your salad or pita. I could eat this stuff with a spoon. This week Nancy whipped up some Crazy Feta all by herself and created a little Cava salad bar right in her very own kitchen, so I invited myself over to eat and it was phenomenal. She says she used Feta, cream cheese, jalapeno, lemon juice and garlic. HERE is a recipe I found online and HERE is another. Both of these don't have the cream cheese and use a whole bulb of garlic which seem a little weird to me because Nancy only used two cloves. But we're not the boss of your garlic tastes, so you can make it however you like. I promise, you'll never eat Sane Feta again.

3. Saturday Night Live's Political Debate Skits
You really cannot get better than SNL during an election year. This is a serious election and also terribly scary because at this point if the two frontrunners end up being my choices in the ballot box, I'm afraid my finger might be struck by lightening if it heads toward punching the button for either one. This is why SNL is a welcome relief to the hand-wringing and forehead slapping that watching the real debates causes. If you haven't seen this, watch now. It's a blessing. I watched "Chris Christie" quote Wanted Dead or Alive and give a shout out to Bon Jovi about six times. These writers are absolutely brilliant. Wonder if anyone of them wants to run for president?

4. Tommy Bahama Perfume
This seems weird but I'm all about candles and room spray and Glade plug-ins and basically any thing that helps mask the smell of dog, snow boots and basketball shoes. I'm a bit paranoid. Anyway, I got this fragrance for Christmas and it makes me feel girly and clean and happy. It's been my favorite thing to spray on myself each time I've changed into a new pair of pjs this week.

5. My Dog is the Cutest in all the World
We took Mack to the groomer this week. He was kind of a mess after practically being buried in the snow all week every time we took him out. We had to leave him there for about four hours. When the boys and I went to pick him up, all four of us did the superfreak when they brought him out to the waiting room. I am so glad there was not a video. We were squealing and giggling and hugging him as if he had been off at war. He was looking at us with such shame and embarrassment for our behavior. He was just like a middle school boy whose mom is hugging and waving and carrying on in the carpool line. If he could've rolled his eyes and told us to get a grip, he would have.

It's happening y'all. We're becoming those people. But we can't help it. Look at that face.

Have a happy weekend, Friends!

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