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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stitch Fix Fail: Dear Stylist, It's not you, it's me :(

Well, Friends.

It's Stitch Fix Review time again and I have to say that I'm getting an eye twitch about it. I suppose you could say that I'm a quite the people-pleaser. I remember watching Oprah say that the 40s are great because by then you don't care what anyone thinks anymore. I get that, of course, but let's just say that the eye twitch is proof that I have not come into my full Oprah-ness yet. 

You see, I know my stylist at Stitch Fix looked at my blog for ideas about how to style me this last time because in her sweet note to me about my new box of items, she mentioned some wedges that I had featured on 5 Things on a Friday a couple of weeks back. In fact, she might be reading this right now. I mean, I could be wrong, but I think she is a real "she" and not a robot or a computer.

Ok. Deep breath.

The truth is that I didn't like one, single thing in my Stitch Fix box this time.


Dear Stitch Fix Stylist,
You are super awesome at your job. It's not like I hated anything. I just didn't like anything. I hope you go home tonight and look at yourself in the mirror and have a Stuart Smalley moment because "you're good enough, you're smart enough and doggone it, people like you."
Love, Jenn

Here's the stuff that I didn't hate, but didn't like (at all).

Papermoon Shehalem Lace Detail Knit Tank Top

This top is fine, but it just isn't my color. Also, the arm holes were a bit too big. 

Dear Stitch Fix Stylist, 
I really very much dislike shades of pink, rose, and/or purple on me, but I like you a lot. Also, I'm not even sure if arm holes is the right reference there. I struggled for the right description. See? We all struggle sometimes. It's okay. Let's be friends. 
Love, Jenn

Romolo Allister Beaded Drop Earrings

I did ask for some gold earrings, so this showed that my stylist was really listening to me and I like that a lot in a friend. I didn't want color on them though and maybe that's my fault because I didn't say that specifically. See above for how I feel about this color. Although, maybe this is more orange-ish and I like orange. I feel like I'm being picky. Maybe I should have kept them. I don't know. I'm not as decisive as Oprah. What do you want from me? 

Dear Stitch Fix Stylist, 
Maybe we could meet for lunch and a Diet Coke sometime? I would even drink a Diet Pepsi if you happen to be one of those weird people that keeps the Diet Pepsi people in business. I don't get it, but that's okay. We can agree to disagree. You're awesome. 
Love, Jenn

Pixley Adrien V-Neck Dress

Ok, now. I do have a well documented love of stripes, so this is an A+ effort here. But . . .eh. These pockets are pleatherish. There is a side stripe of the pleather as well which you can see here.

The side stripe is happy little detail. Alas, not a big enough detail because the dress did not make me happy. 

Dear Stitch Fix Stylist, 
While I wasn't a fan of the dress, I am a fan of you. And also of movies! We could see a Chick Flick together. I'll get the popcorn. 
Love, Jenn

Level 99 Kristine Cropped Denim Trouser

Y'all. I don't even know what to say about these. The pockets? The wide crop? The high waist? I cannot handle this. The thing is that these jeans are probably going to be the new thing any day now. I remember thinking that skinny jeans were all kinds of wrong and now I have more than a couple of pairs of them. I also felt that the Iphone was ridiculous and we should all keep our flip phones. So whatever.

Dear Stitch Fix Stylist,
This is a tough one. Maybe these jeans are awesome and I just don't know it yet. Maybe you love them and maybe you think the jeans I wear are awful. I'm thinking that it's like I love hamburgers and steak, but my best friend doesn't eat red meat. It's not like we can't be friends, right? It's not a big deal. The thing is it's not really the same because while I am happy to eat a veggie burger every once in awhile with her, I will never wear those jeans. Ever. Relationships can be complicated, but we'll get through this.
Love, Jenn

Diba Floor Me Cork Wedges

I was so excited about being sent a pair of shoes, but unfortunately, for some reason they were missing from the box, so here's the photo.

The good news is that Stitch Fix credited me my $20 monthly styling fee because the item was missing.  This also means that even though I chose to keep zero items, it was a wash because I lost zero dollars.

Dear Stitch Fix Stylist:
Listen. It's fine. Tomorrow is another day and next month is another Stitch Fix Box. I believe in you. 
Love, Jenn
PS If this failure has you feeling down, please enjoy this video by Justin Timberlake which I recommend to all of my friends. It will make you enormously happy. I promise. And if it doesn't then we can't be friends anyway because that would mean that you're dead inside.


I realize that this post was not a ringing endorsement for Stitch Fix, but I DO love getting my box every other month and it is very rare if I don't find at least one item that I love. They don't pay me a thing to write these posts. I suppose if they did this one would be grounds for termination anyway. If you'd like to try Stitch Fix please go HERE and I'd be ever so grateful if you'd use my referral code below which does give me a $25 credit on my next order. Shout out to reader, Stacy S. who used my referral code recently so that I have a credit for my next box! Thanks, Stacy!!! 
Have a great day!


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