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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shaeffer Told Me To for What's Up Wednesday today!

What We're Eating This Week
On Saturday Drew and I sat down to watch the Longhorns continue their descent into the abyss of football hell. We played about six games of Uno to try to keep our minds off of the debacle. After I lost about six times and realized that my yelling at the TV seemed, shockingly, to have no effect on the receivers' ability to catch the football, I decided to turn to other fall activities. I made chocolate chip Pumpkin Bread. Then I proceeded to make Blondies with both pumpkin flavored chips and white chocolate chips. If you're counting that means I used three different types of chocolate chips. Then I had a stomach ache. I blame this wholly and completely on the University of Texas football program.

What I'm Reminiscing About
It is just now beginning to look and feel like fall around here and this has made me miss the screened in porch in my old house something fierce. It was the perfect place to write in the afternoons or to start writing and then take a nap. I haven't quite found the perfect space for writing in our new home yet. I'm sure I'll find it, but I sure do miss that porch.

What I'm Loving
I've had to spend quite a bit of time with house tasks lately which has lent itself to an infrequent need for real pants which is all kinds of delightful. I have found that I've spent a lot of time in the Good Hyouman Teighbor joggers that I received in my last Stitch Fix box. They are so comfortable and stretchy and fit really well. So I am loving my joggers, but what I'm loving more is this post about the jogger trend by Melanie Shankle at The Big Mama Blog. Hilarious.

What We've Been Up to
The weather has been glorious here in Northern Virginia and the trees are just starting to change. Mack and I have been enjoying some hanging out, reading and snacking time outside lately.

What I'm Dreading
I have a mammogram today and an appointment with the breast surgeon who I see on a regular basis due to the history of breast cancer that runs rampant in my family. I don't really mind the exam itself and I adore my amazing doctor, but the anxiety level is higher every year for me. A pray or two, please?
What I'm Working On
Actually I'm going to take some artistic license here because I'm not actually personally, physically working on this, but the kitchen and family room remodel is being worked on and I am basically trying to stay out of everyone's way so that we can get to the finish line. Today the floors in the kitchen are being sanded and stained. Next week the hardware will be put on the cabinets and after a few more details get finished up we will be DONE. And all the people - especially the puppy dog - said, "AMEN." Here's a little peek - pre-floorwork - at my island, backsplash, and recently painted cabinets.

What I'm Excited About

On Sunday Nancy texted me simply this: "just say yes". That means that she was going to ask me to do something and I needed to not think too hard about my other responsibilities and just find a way. The words Anthropologie and boxing movie were all I needed to see to find the way. I am all in for boxing movies. It's weird because I would no more watch a real boxing match than I would watch Children of the Corn, but I love a good boxing movie. So we popped in Anthro and then went to the final night of the Washington West Film Festival which was screening the movie, Bleed for This. I feel like I shouldn't go crazy on this because then your expectations might be too high, but I can't help it because I loved this movie so much that I have not stopped thinking about it since. Miles Teller, who was charming and adorable in The Spectacular Now and apparently really good in Whiplash, plays Vinny Pazienza, a real life boxer with an amazing comeback story. That's all I'm going to say. I don't even want you to watch the trailer because I knew nothing about the movie and I think it's so much better if you don't know the whole story. You will adore Vinny. You will adore his family. You will adore his manager. You will want to have a prayer closet filled with candles and statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary so that you can pray for your children just like his mama, Louise, does. You will cry and clap and cheer and you might even yell, "GET OUTTA DA CORNAH, VIN!" I really wish I could tell you to take your kids because the message is so great, but the problem is that (come close so I can whisper this) Vinny tends to visit a strip club or two on occasion. (Ahem.)
For the older than 17 crowd: See this movie. It comes out November 18th and I am so excited to see it again.

What I'm Watching/Reading
I'm watching This is Us which is going to kill me. I cry every time I watch it. I love the music. I have a marriage crush on Jack and Rebecca and since I haven't watched last night's episode yet, I am having all kinds of angst over what the deal is with Jack's future self. I realize that in present day Mandy Moore is married to Jack's friend. Did Jack die? Did he start drinking again? Did he go to prison? Did he have a horrible accident? I'm scared to watch. I'm reading Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist and the book of Exodus for my Bible study.

What I'm Listening To
This song from Natalie Grant. I think it's particularly helpful to listen to when I'm hyperventilating about the coming election.

What I'm Wearing
The aforementioned joggers, a white tshirt from Costco and black Nike hoodie.

What I'm Doing this Weekend
Hopefully, we'll be working on some driving if the middle man passes his driver's permit test tomorrow. If you have a prayer closet, we'd appreciate it if you entered it for him now. ;-)

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
For the first time in about 15 years I will be hosting Thanksgiving and my parents are coming. I am so excited and hoping to cook everything myself ahead of time. Somehow I think my newly remodeled kitchen will cause me to have magical cooking powers. I'm counting on it.

What Else is New
It's officially time for fall nail polish. Unless you want to keep your summer nail polish because I'm not the boss of you. This is my new favorite color for fall. Power Clutch by Essie. 

Have a great Wednesday, friends!