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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fall Lovin' 2016

Hey, Y'all!

Happy November 1st!

This past weekend I was wearing shorts and a tshirt, but then the temperature dropped about twenty degrees, and then Halloween showed up and suddenly I looked up to see that the leaves have started to change. Hey, it must be time for the Fall Lovin' Post!

I was absolutely sure it was fall when I picked up Mack from the groomer last week since he was wearing this very stylish scarf with a pumpkin motif.

He's not quite sure that he's his best self in this style.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find an adult size pumpkin scarf for the Fall Lovin' 2016 post, but I did find some other Fall Favorites.

Fall is clearly for football watching and that means we need some stretchy, comfy, "you'll find me here on the couch for three hours" clothes. This is especially helpful for my fellow Longhorn fans and me as often we need to take to the bed very soon after our game is over. Lately, I have a new strategy for football watching attire. My Texas Longhorns tshirts seem to have no positive effect on my team, so on Saturday I wore a basic plaid shirt and we ended up beating the 8th ranked Baylor Bears. This, my friends, was a stone cold miracle, so I will be hanging up my spirit wear for the rest of the season. Milk and Honey tees are adorable and funny and perfect for any of your weekend sofa/tv/lounging needs. Here are some of my other favorites.

A Sweatshirt Blanket

Years and years ago my brother-in-law gave me this Texas Longhorn sweatshirt blanket for Christmas. It is the very best thing to wrap up in if you're like me and live in a world where baseball season never ends. It is not itchy and is stretchy enough to wrap really tightly around just you or you and a friend. (As Drew and I did back in 2012 above. Oh my heart.) Bed, Bath and Beyond has some with all kinds of different school mascots on them. 

Plaid Button Down Shirt

I can't get enough plaid in my life lately. I might be replacing my stripes addiction with a plaid addiction. Perhaps you don't need four plaid shirts and a plaid shirt dress and three plaid scarves like me, but you might need one of those pieces for fall. 

This shirt from JCrew is 30% off  today with the code SHOPNOW. There are lots of other color choices, too.

(Let's pause for a minute here to notice the jeans on the above model. It appears we are seeing the return of high waisted jeans. I would like to say PLEASE STOP IT RIGHT NOW, for the love of Rachel Green and Monica Geller. I do not need my butt to look as long as it is wide ever, ever again.)

This one is much cheaper at Old Navy. There are lots of different color choices here also which is good because when I was setting up the link I noticed this color is sold out in most sizes. :(

Denim Skirt

This is one trend I'm very happy to see back. I received a denim skirt from Stitch Fix back in May. I love it. I wore it a ton this summer with flip flops, sandals and wedges. I think it's perfect for fall with boots. Here's an outfit I wore last week.

Denim Skirt
Gingham Shirt (one of those plaid shirts above would be cute, too)
Leopard Print Belt (or possibly Cheetah Print. If you've been here long enough you might recall my confusion on the difference between leopard and cheetah prints from this post)
brown boots
turquoise necklace.

I would also like to point out that one of my favorite Fall tv shows is This is Us and I think we might be channeling the adorable Mandy Moore with our denim skirt and boots.  How cute is she?

The Gap has some cute options for skirts in different washes and lengths. As of this writing they are offering 40% off. Anthropologie has quite a few also. They are not even close to 40% off, but they do offer quite a range of styles and lengths from one on sale for $59 to this one for $98 to a ruffled one for $328. 

All the Pumpkin Stuff: Especially Donut Holes

Apparently, we can't talk fall without talking pumpkin. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin candles, pumpkin dog scarves and the ever popular, pumpkin spice latte.

(A PSA about Pumpkin Spice Lattes though. Let's stop with using the term "PSL". I was listening to a podcast the other day where a gal was lamenting the use of terms like mani/pedi and PSL. She made the point that we, who have time for manicures and pedicures and lattes, aren't too busy to say all the words. That woman is my soul sister. Just say all the syllables. You can do it.)

Anyway, I found this recipe for pumpkin donut holes on the back of a pumpkin muffin box mix and my people went berserk for them. The recipe called for a mix of sugar and vanilla powder for the topping, but vanilla powder is something I've never heard of so I went with confectioner's sugar which is a crowd favorite. Here are the ingredients.

Now this is where I point out that, of course, I normally would not use a preservative filled muffin mix, but would use all homemade ingredients for my pumpkin baked goods. Then I would quickly point out that this would be a big fat lie. Basically make your pumpkin muffins however the good Lord moves you to make them and put them in a mini muffin pan. Bake for 10 minutes. Then  roll them in melted butter and confectioner's sugar. Then become THE BEST MOM IN ALL THE LAND.

Hunter Boots ON SALE

I've never owned a pair of Hunter Rain Boots. Don't cry for me, Argentina. It hasn't been that big of a struggle. Still I have heard that they really are much better than cheaper brands as far as if you actually need to walk in them a lot. All the cheaper ones I have purchased do seem to be pretty uncomfortable. There are a couple of colors of Hunter Boots on sale for 40% off at Nordstrom today. Today might be the day, friends!

New Balance for JCrew

If you're a runner, Fall is when you need to break out the running pants. JCrew has partnered with New Balance to offer a new line of activewear. Really, really cute stuff and so many different colors your head will spin.

I like this cropped running top. I mean, in theory, I do. In reality, I think my crop top days ended with my high waisted jeans days.

I love this windbreaker.

And in the "There is no need at all to spend hard earned American dollars for fancy hair ties" category, these precious navy and white hair ties.

See the whole collection here.

The Beauty of Virginia in the Fall

Last, but not least, my very favorite part of fall is living in one of the most stunningly beautiful states in all the world in the fall. Even after living here for twenty-four years, those colors still take my breath away.

Happy Fall, Everyone!

(Note: I am not compensated in any way by companies whose products I featured in this post.)

(Note: Bummer.)

(Note: Just kidding.)

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