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Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 3 Without Diet Coke Daybook: Friday, January 3, 2014

Outside my window:
there is a world covered in snow and a whole lot of stores full of diet Coke.
I am thinking:
about diet Coke.  I really didn't want to tell anyone of this stupid attempt at a New Year's Resolution, but the stupid lady on the Today Show said you should tell people about your stupid resolution or it won't work.  I don't do resolutions. And I have never seriously entertained the idea of giving up diet Coke because WHATEVER, IT'S NOT HEROIN, PEOPLE.  Except that maybe it is because last night I started crying because I wanted a diet Coke something fierce. CRYING, y'all.  Husband is scared of me without the diet Coke.  But the thing is that I have stomach issues and I finally decided on January 1st that maybe the diet Coke is the problem, except I really don't think it is, except it might be.  Here's my logic on why it's not:  A few summers ago when someone I loved dearly was going through a terrible, no good, very bad situation, I was so wrapped up in his pain that I basically couldn't eat at all, such a mess was I.  Anyway, my stomach issues vanished even though I certainly had other issues.  I was not eating much, but I was still drinking diet Coke during that summer.  So there. It's probably something I'm eating like gluten or whatever.  It's probably not the diet Coke and this whole thing is stupid.  Aren't you glad I came back from my blogging break?  Aren't I pleasant and full of rambling nonsense?  I'M FREAKING OUT, PEOPLE.
I am thankful:
For my little man, Drew and how he loves me.  On Christmas Eve, our family lit the Advent candle and I had to say a few words in front of the WHOLE church.  I can write words all day, but speaking words in front of the WHOLE church when it is FULL apparently makes me shake like a leaf.  Afterwards, Kyle said, "Drew, why did you grab on to Mom's arm while she was talking?  You could've messed her up."  And my sweetest little man said, "Well, Mommy, was shaking so much.  I was trying to help her get still." Everyone in the whole world needs at least one person to help her get still, don't you think?  I'm so thankful for my boy.
In the kitchen:
there is a broken dishwasher.  I've been washing and drying by hand for five days.  I'm the new Caroline Ingalls.  I'm pretty sure she didn't have diet Coke either.
I am wearing:
pajamas.  School is out today for snow.  PJs are in for the day.
I am listening to:
the Today Show talking about fashion and if the fashion expert says "pop of color" one more time I'm going to freak.  The phrase "pop of color" gets on my nerves.  It probably would only get on my nerves half as much if I was drinking a diet Coke right now.
I am going:
to finish laundry and put all the Christmas decorations back in storage. :(
I am hoping:
that this snow will go away so that we can get our basketball games in this weekend.
I am looking forward to:
Tuesday which is the happiest day of the year in our house as my middle man becomes a teenager and my main man and I celebrate nineteen years of marriage. . . that is if he doesn't leave me due to the diet Coke withdrawal. 
I am wondering:
if perhaps I have just moved above Kim Kardashian on your list of most annoying people on the planet what with my endless whining and comparing myself to Caroline Ingalls just because I had to dry a few plates.  Trust me, I am getting on my own nerves.  Let's try to stick this out.
I am learning:
that I am still stunned by the fact that little boys grow up . . . way up and don't look like little boys anymore.

I am praying:
that 2014 will bring some healing to the broken and hope and faith to those who have lost it.
On my Ipod:
Difference Maker by Need To Breathe.  Thanks to my new brave friend, Tom, of this organization, who posted this song that I cannot stop singing.  I love this band, but had never heard this song.  Tom is one of the many beautiful people I have met through my involvement with the battle against pediatric cancer.  He is a force and a warrior and the ultimate Difference Maker.  I have met many people in the last few months who I will set before my boys as examples to follow.  And this man covered in tattoos and piercings with a twinkle in his eye that shines just over the brutal pain of his unbearable loss is one who I will easily point to and say, "There's another one, boys.  Be like him.  Be a whole lot like him."
I am reading:
The Promise by Father Jonathan Morris
I am pondering:
"The world is not divided into believers and knowers.  God doesn't want us believers to close off our minds.  He wants us to use them and when we do, we are actually preparing ourselves to grasp the content of faith in a complementary, not a contradictory way. . . Though it sometimes seems as if faith is contrary to reason because we don't understand a particular creed, the humble person recognizes that the problem may be with his own intellect.  . . It is reasonable to believe in more than we can quantify through science." - Father Jonathan Morris
A quote for today:
“Those who can truly be accounted brave are those who best know the meaning of what is sweet in life and what is terrible, and then go out, undeterred, to meet what is to come.”
― Pericles (thanks again to Tattoo Tom)

A verse for today:
Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. -Romans 12:12
One of my favorite things:
getting at least one photo before they put back on the Under Armour shirts.

A peek into my day:
Trying really hard not to be, as my friend Nancy and I call it, a spineless clod of grievances.  The withdrawal thing is supposed to get better, right?  My apologies to the fashion expert on Today, Kim Kardashian or anyone else I might have offended in this post.

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Nancy said...

I'm on Day 1 of cutting out Diet Coke. I worry about the aspartame. But I'm replacing with hot tea because I can't give up the caffeine. Good luck! It'll be worth it!

Lisa notes... said...

Aw, this is so sweet: "I was trying to help her get still." What a great boy you have.

I cut back to half a Diet Dr. Pepper a day, but over the Christmas break I went back to a full can. Hope you have better success with your challenge.

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to your crew on Tuesday. :) Visiting from the Daybook link-up.

Ms. Gilman said...

How much did I love reading this!!!!!! I gave up Diet Coke, sweets and peanut butter for Lent. It ain't been pretty the last couple of days. I keep telling myself it's nothing compared to what Jesus did for me, but my body and mood remind me that I am a Diet Coke Head. It's more difficult than people thing!

Ms. Gilman said...

Think, not thing. My cognitive abilities have suffered, too!